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[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

Hey @MarcoG,
That one is the same as the Battery doorbell 2k. Except it uses a Chime as a Homebase.
Functionality is the same.

Eufy is moving away from the Homebase it seems and moving to these chimes.
Disadvantage is wifi-only i think

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New app update (live: 2.17.0):


  • NEW: Add login when adding a new device for first time users
  • NEW: Force to add Homebase before adding Homebase-based Camera/Doorbell
  • FIX: pairing after deletion of device
  • FIX: minor fixes in code to improve performance

New app update (live: 2.17.3):


  • FIX: issue with device notifications and pairing after last update

I have connected Eufy camera to Homey Pro, added the device (camera) to APP and made flow that just in test purposes goes like this. “When Motion Detected” → “Then Animate Pulse during 5 sec”. When I push the “Test” button on APP, it works just like that, but for some reason when motion triggered from the camera it self, Homey does not Pulse. Earlier when connecting the cam to Homey I got this message “Error: Response code 401(Unauthorized)”. Two factor Authenticaton is all ready off on both accounts, the one that I’m using on Eufy APP and one on Homey Eufy APP. Does anybody have an idea what’s wrong?

Yes I have, but unfortunately I haven’t found solution.

For now I am going to solve this issue with separate PIR motion detector that activates the camera and alarm when motion is detected. But if some one has better ideas to this issue, I would be delighted to hear.

Nouveau débutant sur homey Pro, je n’arrive pas à connecter mes cameras Eufy. pourrais tu m’indiquer la procédure que tu as suivi

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This means your username or password (or both) is incorrect.

Can’t you find any info or solutions here?

(same reply as Dijker, but somewhat more specific)

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New app update (live: 2.17.4):


  • NEW: improve device pairing + add error messages on pair


Martijn I am wondering if there is possibility to:

  1. ​read light information from floodlight camera 2?
  2. Turn on floodlight camera lights?

Some automation ideas are buzzing in my head… :slightly_smiling_face:


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Will check!!

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Hi Homey,

just bought a Homey bridge and realized the app for Eufy security is not compatible. Are you planning to add this as this was my number one reason to buy the bridge. Otherwise i will need to send it back. please advice.



Hey @ryanchin
Thanks for your message.
At the current moment it’s not possible to connect Eufy to the Homey Bridge. I’m checking with Athom what we can do to integrate Eufy. But no promises. :confused:

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Hi Martijn,

Dank, ik hoop dat het goed komt…



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New app update (test: 2.17.7):


  • NEW: add extra logs for floodcam T8420 notifcations.
  • FIX: T8420 not reporting notifications.

Hi, thanks for this app!

But everything works but the movement trigger doesn’t work. (Eufycam 2)

When I connect the camera the first time it works. But after a while it stops register movement. See pictures.

When I uninstall and reinstall the camera it works again but after a while it stops registering movement.

The connection to the Homebase is ok. Everything else works fine.

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Hey @MichiMess
Make sure you have te correct settings for the events.

Check FAQ Q1

New app update (test: 2.17.8):


  • NEW: add extra logs for floodcam T8420 notifcations.
  • FIX: T8420 not reporting notifications.
  • FIX: cronjobs excluding each other