[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I don’t receive notifications/device updates in Homey
A1: Make sure the selected security mode inside the official Eufy app has enabled notifications for your device. (Home / Away / etc)
A2: Sometimes it might help to restart the Eufy app in Homey
A3: For Homebase notifications enable:

Q2: Can I disable notifications on my Phone and keep them on Homey?
A1: Unfortunately not. Homey registers itself as a Android device at Eufy.
A2: Work-around Android: Disable motion inside the Android settings (Apps → Eufy → Notifications)
A3: Work-around Ios: (link)

Q3: Images are not updating in the app
A1: Images are only updating when an event happened: motion/person detection or doorbell press
A2: Check FAQ Q1 for the correct settings
A3: Doorbell doesn’t always have a image, only when a motion was detected together with doorbell press.

Q4: My device shows a error
A1: If the error message contains a captcha error. Then follow the instruction
A2: If the error show that it can’t find the device or station serial number:

A2.1: Homey mobile app: Go to the device settings → maintenance → repair.
A2.2: Homey web app: Right click on the device → repair.
A2.3: This will update your devices and sync them with the Eufy server

Q5: The battery status and temperature is not aligned with the official Eufy app
A1: Seems like the battery/temperature status is incorrect. Eufy is not updating that every day to the cloud. so the data is quite outdated. Once Eufy resolves this the battery status will be correct in Homey.

Q6: When I change to Geofencing/Schedule Homey doesn’t update
A1 When you come home - select Home on the keypad. Make a flow like this: Gedeelde Flow | Homey (with these settings: https://global.discourse-cdn.com/business4/uploads/athom/optimized/3X/a/1/a1c570c5ac6a6e98283ab951829d0e24a8a97eed_2_250x500.jpeg)
A2: Don’t use Schedule/ Geo in Eufy and let Homey decide what Eufy needs to do. In this way you can combine other brands together with Eufy. Like this Homey is your source of truth and decides what other hubs/devices needs to do.

Q7: When I try to add a new camera it doesn’t show up
A1: Make sure the new camera is shared with your extra account. Otherwise it can’t be picked up by Homey.

Q8: Eufy disables my Homebase notifications
A1: Use the force notification option inside the Homebase setting: [APP][Pro] Eufy Security - #1029 by martijnpoppen

Q9: How to start a stream
A1: Not supported anymore
A2: Additional info: Due to API restrictions its currently not possible to stream a web stream from Homey → [Question]: RTMP CloudLiveStream migrated to WEBRTC · Issue #317 · bropat/eufy-security-client · GitHub

Q10: Changing guard mode shows: Not available for this device
A1: This is because the security modes are setup globally. The Off option is only for the homebase. When you see Not available for this device the security mode isn’t changed and the Homey app shows this message as an indicator that it cannot be used with this device.

Q11: Commands to Eufy are not working (on/off , security modes, etc)
A1: This might be caused by your network. If Eufy and Homey are not in the same network the connection won’t work (unless on Homey Cloud).
A2: Since Homey-Eufy version 3 it’s possible to have dynamic IP addresess for your Eufy cameras/homebase. So if you have set-up a static IP and experience any issues, make the IP dynamic, restart the Homey-Eufy app and try again.

Q12: My camera notifications settings are put on include thumbnail
A1: Since Homey-Eufy version 3 this is forced from Homey. As include thumbnail is the best setting which allows Homey to react to all camera types. Text only doesn’t contain an image and Full Effect gives duplicate data and unpredicted results as this behaves different per camera model.

Q13: How to setup self-hosted snapshot service
A0:: This is a DIY, I won’t give support on self-hosted setups
A1: Get a server were you can run docker on (.e.g Synology NAS).
A2: note down the following docker: https://registry.hub.docker.com/r/martijnpoppen/com-eufylife-security-snapshot
A3: The internal container port is 3000
A4: Synology example:

  • 1 Go to Docker
  • 2 Click Image
  • 3
  • 4 Click Add from URL
  • 5 Paste url from A2
  • 6 Choose tag latest
  • 7 After the image has downloaded, select launch
  • 8 Go to advanced
  • 9 Go to port settings and set a available port on your Synology (Make sure this port is open in your firewall)
  • 10 use the url with port in Homey:

Q14: How to use Snapshots
A1: To enable snapshots go to the device settings of your camera (in Homey) and enable the snapshot functionality. This will give you the Snapshot FlowCard.
A2: After enabling the snapshot feature create a flow like this:

A3.1: Done!

A3.2 NOTE:
The snapshot card will use a external service which runs FFMPEG to generate the snapshot.
This service is hosted by the developer of this app and is free to use.
The service will only be used when the snapshot settings is enabled.
All data is send encrypted and will not be stored on the server.

If you don’t want that read Q13 above

A3.3: How does this work?
When Eufy starts a stream the Homey app receives the H264 Readablestream from Eufy. This is parsed to a Buffer and send to the external server Which runs FFMPEG. FFMPEG takes a snapshot and sends that back. Nothing is stored on the server a there’s no storage available there.