Zigbee routes gone after upgrade to v5 rc38

I decided to reset mij zigbee network. After that, I added all 4 routers first, and end devices later.

The good news?
In developers I see all devices and the routers are ‘routing’.

The bad news?
I had hope that resetting zigbee would finally solve the cpu overloading (often >200% and losing wifi connection to Homey). That is still happening :frowning:

I have contacted Athom support and they are looking into this case. Hope to hear more on Monday.

I finally reset my Zigbee network, too. It was much less work than expected.

  • connecting new devices to v5-Zigbee works a lot faster than before
  • most of my Zigbee devices are (Aqara) sensors and in my flows I use groups of sensors, so I didn’t have to fix the flows, just look for the groups
  • the group app did recognize the sensors after reconnecting

I came across an interesting article why our zigbee network seems to go crazy after the 5.0.0 update. It’s due to a change in the network key that was in the current Zigbee devices. Hope this is useful for those interested.




The “well-known” key apparently only gets generated when you do a Zigbee reset. My Homey, running 5.0.4, is still using the known key: