Zigbee routes gone after upgrading to 2.0

I’m looking for zigbee route info on the developer page. The route information only shows the device number and no longer any routes beween other zigbee devices. Ive restarted my homey multiple times but no luck. Anyone else having the same issue?


For me, it takes a while before the routes are shown. Until then, it only shows device number (I’m still on v1.5 though, so perhaps showing the routes is broken on v2, not sure).

Under 1.5 it took Some time, but now stil no routes after 8 hours. :tired_face:

I’m also afraid you’re right.

Perhaps time to issue a bug report: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I could do that but i can’t login in to support

You can’t enter a request in the form on that page?

I’m not able to login. Apparently the page has problems with my safari browser and cookies.

If so, try it from a Private window.

Tnx for your help. Finally manager to create a call.

my zigbee is dead as well. (today exactly 1 year old)
in the app i get a timeout and the zigbee screen on the developers site is empty.
upgraded to 2.0 last wednesday.
already opened a support issue.

yeah ive been having issues removing a zigbee device too
no shepherd device error, cant remove or re add any zigbee devices
so I did a reset of the zigbee network, which didnt remove the devices from the devices area, just made them all unavailable and unknown error…
ticket logged anyway

For the people not seeing the Zigbee routes on the Zigbee developers page:

Check when you load the page that the current command (below the Node overview) actually shows the generateMap command.

If it does, wait a few minutes, actual routes will shown, if not reload the page first.


Sorry to bring this older topic up again but I am also trying to create a Zigbee Mesh to allow senors further away to communicate to Homey.
When I look to the Zigbee Developer page I see not even any route. Just the device numbers.
Already refreshed the page to try to get the “generateMap” Command but it wont appear.

Anyone any idea how to get the routing info ?

Wait. It may take quite a while before that page shows routes.

Thanks. Yes I have read that here already, also to unpower Homey for a while and reconnect but it did not help. I have this status since Friday last week.

I thought it should show at least 0-1 and 0-2 etc where 0 is Homey. But here it shows just the Node-ID in the route column.


I mean: load the page, and leave it open for a while (say 20 minutes).

Thanks, but it deoes not help either.

I have the same issue. I think the problem might have started after updating my Homey to 4.1.0.

Same here. Only the node ID

Unfortunately over here too since, must be caused by V 4.1.0 as last week this wan’t the case.