Zigbee routing

From looking at other posts regarding zigbee routing I see that people can see the routing in the zigbee tab on developer tools. However I dont seem to have this column in the table. For Z-wave I have it but on zigbee there is no information.

Is there any setting i have to set to get the routing?

This is what it looks like for me:


In homey pro 2023 this is not possible yet, you can only see the routes on older models.

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Ah ok. At least then I’m not doing anything wrong. Hopefully they can get this sorted soon. It would really help fault tracing.

Be aware, when it is funcional, it does only show the ‘last known route’. At least on the Pro 2019 it is. Maybe the Pro 2023 gets a more advanced zigbee overview :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
For the Pro 2019 it is (imho) not very useful to look at the route info.

It helps with certain devices. I was hoping to leave a bug that I had on smartthings behind, but seems aquara sensors and smartthings outlets just dont like each other. If I had seen that the sensor was routed through an outlet it would have helped my fault tracing quite a bit.

I see. I’m sure the overview will be available at some point in time.

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This post will soon be a year old and I haven’t seen/discovered this feature being added to Homey Pro 2023. Have I missed something or are we still status quo?

Athom has said it will not come back.

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Well thats an issue. I still have Some issues with one of my sensors. But as it is now I have no way to fault trace it.