'Route' column missing from zigbee device overview

When looking in the developers part of Homey and specifically the zigbee part, i don’t see the ‘route’ column. Anyone have any idea why this is missing?

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This isn’t implemented on the HP2023 (and AFAIK, it never will).

I was searching for a way to get an overview of the mesh zigbee network. What other way is there, or is it not possible at all?

It’s not possible at all.

Alright, thank your for swift reply.

@rizzah …as Robert would say, it is possible, eg. using Zigbee2MQTT, right ? :wink:
I hope you both understand sarcasm.

:slight_smile: I had it before using domoticz and zigbee2mqtt, but im new to homey, figuring things out still. Actually quite surprised this isn’t implemented, as i would have expected something very slick (as the rest of homey is).

I will google on zigbee2mqtt and see what i can work out.

Could you keep us informed on how you’re doing that with Zigbee to MQTT and Homey? Zigbee isn’t working great for me, and I’d also like to know how the connections are set up.

I will, i also added a feature request: Mesh map of zigbee network


What crossed my mind, there’s also a Zigbee2MQTT app.
And if you use z2m from within HomeAssistant, I recommend the HomeAssistant Community app.

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Sorry, but no: you didn’t. Athom is not actively monitoring this community (or don’t tell us they do, at least). Feature requests should be addressed directly to Athom: Support | Homey

Thank you, have done this now.


Support answer to my request was this: