Mesh map of zigbee network

I found out it is not possible to generate a graphical (or even non-graphical) overview of a zigbee mesh network. This is a very usefull thing to have, to be able to troubleshoot network issues and to see if the network is configured properly.


The site should give you some info about your own Zigbee network?

It shows information about the zigbee devices which are connected, not about the network. What is messing is an overview of the network. Which devices listens to which device, who acts as hub’s, etc. Apparently this was in the link you mentioned before in older version but not in the current one. See my other post about this ('Route' column missing from zigbee device overview).

I will add an image as example:

It’s best to write to Athom support if you want to reach Athom:

Thank you, have done this now.

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Hi rizzah,
did you get any feedback from Athom regarding this request?


Nope, haven’t heard anything anymore…

Oh well, would have been nice…

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Hi rizzah. I see it’s been a few months since the last post. Have you heard anything from Athom support about this request?:slight_smile:

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I made a script which can do that: [HOW-TO][Pro][Cloud] - Zigbee Route map (Homey Pro 2016 - 2019 / Homey Bridge)