Zigbee network question mark

Hello, I would like to ask you a question. I needed to reconnect all my devices because my Zigbee network was very unstable. So now I’m doing it as recommended - routers first. However, I’ve noticed that some of my routers have a question mark. Is that okay?

I have Homey 2019 Pro and those devices are ZBMINI L2.

That is the column “last seen” and is not normal. Try the ping command in the column “action” to test if the device is reachable and the column “last seen” is updated.

On HP2023 it’s the column “Last Seen”, but on HP2019 it’s the column “Online” (would have been nice if this was included in the original question…).

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Where to find this kind of information about the zigbee network in HP23?

One of the last menu’s in the left lower corner:

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Super, thanks!