Widgets for the iPhone

When can we expect widget? Widget for the Iphone would be great!

This way you could start a flow very quickly or operate a device without having to open the app again and again

Take the Mi Home app or Harmony app as an example :wink:


+1 for android


Totally agree, I use widgets extensively, but for now I need to use HomeKit as a workaround.


For android you can use IFTTT. Works pretty fine :slight_smile:

oke oke i will take a look at that one

You could use this: [TUTORIAL] Using Siri/Shortcuts for activating flows (with pics!)

And then use the button with the arrow to create a shortcut in your home screen:

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Thanks for you suggestion but how do I create a widget from my IFTTT Applets? If I want to make an IFTTT widget on my iPhone, i cant find the option to make a widget from my Applets.

In IFTTT i go to settings -> widgets -> Get Widgets. There i find a lot of widgets that i can make but that are not the Widgets that i want.

Try this topic!

I finally found it:

  • first Connect Homey to IFTTT
  • in the IFTTT app create a new applet with “this”: Button widget (red icon) -button press and “that” Homey - start a flow (i.e). It reads the flows on your Homey, so you can choose an existing flow.
  • evt change the button title (length is limited on Android) and press finish.
  • You can now choose “Add homescreen widget” and add it to your home screen.
  • The first time you press this newly made button, you can choose the action you would like activate with this button.

If you want to make shortcuts in iOS, just take a look at my newest video on my YouTube channel Athom homey iOS shortcuts

Any confirmation for widgets for Android? Thx

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Im trying to replicate and follow your video…but you lost me on the opdrachten?I cant figure out what that is or what you are doing…this would be greatly appreciated in english or at least english on the phone :smiley:

My lingual abilities for Dutch is lacking Im afraid :scream:

Try the APP HTTP Shortcuts for Android :slightly_smiling_face:

Het zou ook heel handig zijn als je de temperatuur/luchtvochtigheid/luchtdruk zou kunnen zien in een widget.

Dat is op dit moment de enige reden dat ik nog een Xiaomi bridge heb: de widget waar je dat kan zien.
Want homey kan prima overweg met die sensor, maar Homekit ondersteund geen luchtdruk en dergelijke. Dus een workaround via (bijvoorbeeld) Home+ behoort niet tot de mogelijkheden.

Hello, I added my wife’s phone on the system as “guest”. I added 2 favorite flows as widget on the mainscreen but when I click on it, it says: The flow can not be started… Strange because it’s working in the Homey app… Can somebody help me?

Request for Athom.

Please make a widget for ios/ android with shortcuts to favourite flows/devices

Already there in IOS:

In andoid you can add a widget per flow.