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Is it possible to create a widget for android phones where i can see and switch my lights or other things. Then you don’t need to open your app al the time and search for everything.


If you want to learn a thing or two and invest some time you could read about the possibilities here: [TUTORIAL] Using Tasker / KLWP together with Homey

I use webhooks for that! The blog over here gives some information about webhooks: https://blog.athom.com/opening-apartment-door-remotely-homey/?lang=nl

I use the Webhook manager app: https://apps.athom.com/app/webhook.manager
And on my Android phone I use the app HTTP Requests shortcuts: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.rmy.android.http_shortcuts

It’s a bit work to set up, but with this you can trigger every wlow you want from a button on your phone.

I would very much like this too.
For now I use IFTTT for it.works like a charm, but a bit slower that as it would if it worked inside the hkmey app.

IFTTT has implemented it really nicely:

  • first Connect Homey to IFTTT
  • in the IFTTT app create a new applet with “this”: Button widget (red icon) -button press and “that” Homey - start a flow (i.e). It reads the flows on your Homey, so you can choose an existing flow.
  • evt change the button title (length is limited on Android) and press finish.
  • You can now choose “Add homescreen widget” and add it to your home screen.
  • The first time you press this newly made button, you can choose the action you would like activate with this button.

Such a way of adding widgets to your home screen from within the Hkmey app would be a very nice way of implementing this!


Yes, I would like to have this too. The app is fine for advanced use, but there is too much clutter. Some icons on your android home screen would be nice. I tried the HTTP method once, but is was not always reliable. Tasker is much too complex imho.

Best way of implementing this would to be to add the ability for a Virtual Device to get dragged onto the home screen as a widget.


I Hope there will be android widgets too. The sooner the better! It is just a click to much to start a flow at the moment.

Kind regards, Joris

Have a look at this

In the latest app update you can create widgets now.
Just tap and hold a free space on your home screen, choose widgets, search for “Favorite flows” (looks like a green play-botton on a white background) and cboose the flow you wanna use.
Make sure this flow is set as a favourite flow within the Homey app first.
Now I only have to do is figure out how to change the widget icons and names… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Henk, leuk je hier tegen te komen. Ik heb een Homey sinds een paar maanden.

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Grappig betere uitleg dan die van homey zelf, want een homey widget is er niet alleen de favorit flow widget. Is ff zoeken als je op homey widget zoekt.

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No problem

Widget resizing on Android is coming very soon!
Beta can already be tested; see screenshot below:

Has not yet arrived (as beta) on my Android phone, but on my iPad an update has already arrived with the above changelog.

I hope the gon a make nice icons for the widgets in the future. I don’t realy like al the play buttons on my screen. For now i use Macrodroid for the widgets and have nice icons for al the widgets.

Hi, has anyone hade issues with the play buttons? I have a flow that puts out the lights in the house. I triggers two other flows, one for each floor. When i hit the play button it changes to a check, but it does not change back to the play sign and therefore I can only use the button once. Then I have to ad the widget again to make it work, ONCE. Whats up with that?

Yes! Same overhere.

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Same problem here.

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Unfortunately, the community won’t let you upload video’s, but it works fine for me. Reverts to a play sign within 2 seconds. I’m on a S9

Has anyone an idea how to solve this issue?

Contact the company which sold you the product?