[TUTORIAL] Using Siri/Shortcuts for activating flows (with pics!)

Lately I’ve been busy figuring out how to make Siri work for activating Homey flows. I think that’s the quickest way for me to activate flows. For me as a total noob it was quite hard to figure it out, so I thought maybe a tutorial would help other people to make it work.

Thanks to @robertklep, @Erik, @Rocodamelshekima and @OetAelse for helping me out in the first place.

  1. Make sure to install HTTP request flow cards (https://apps.athom.com/app/com.internet)
  2. Download Shortcuts/Opdrachten from the Apple App Store on your iPhone
  3. Find your CloudId or wifiAdress (login to: http://developer.athom.com/tools/system)
  4. Create a Shortcut on your Shortcuts App, using https://123456789.connect.athom.com/api/app/com.internet/testbericht/12345 in which 123456789 is your CloudId, testbericht is the link to the Flow in your Homey and 12345 are the variables (not necessary to use).
  5. You can use the sliders at the right to record a phrase for Siri. For example: “Time to go to bed” (or whatever). You can give the Shortcut a title at your desire.
  6. Create a Flow which starts with the following (If) and executes your desired flow (Then):

Now here comes the tricky part…

If you try to use the Shortcut, it will come up with this:

7. You need to change the authorization for the HTTP request app in Homey.
8. Go to Apps and choose HTTP request

9. Go to 'Configureer app’

10. Tick the box ‘authorisatie vereist op API’ and make sure it looks like this (grey checkmark)

11. Then go back to the HTTP request app and restart by clicking the cog wheel at the right upper corner and choose ‘restart app’.

That should do the trick. Have fun!


Hi Joep,

Thanks for the tutorial!
I’m also trying to get this to work since I’m on 2.0.
If I try everything the same as you describe I get the following message:

Any idea why it isn’t working?

I’m sorry, I used the wrong url. Use this one please…


Thanks! This is working fine!

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it is not working yet by me

what did i do wrong


and add you’re ip to the whitelist in de homey app off course

Hi Joep,

This is a very interesting tutorial and it works like charm. Thanks for sharing this. I learn a lot this way as homey newbie.

Just a small concern.
Disabling AUTHORIZATION ON API is not something I like to do because I cannot oversee the implications of possible unauthorized calls.
Unfortunately the whitelist functionality does not work in R2.0.
Or maybe I am just to paranoid.:roll_eyes:
What are your thoughts on this?

I’m a newbie as well so unfortunately I can’t help you with that question.

I was lucky to get it working so I thought it might prove helpful for others. Unfortunately I can’t comment with possible arguments regarding the whitelist feature, because I don’t know what it does exactly…

Good to know that you know what you are doing😜

I assume that the whitelist does the following: unauthorized calls are possible from listed, trusted IP addresses while the “require authorization checkbox from API” remains checked. The setting will block all other calls from other IP addresses.

This whitelist option sounds safer than unchecking “require authorization” although I have no idea how unsafe it is to possibly accept calls from others without authorization.

I will leave the checkbox unchecked for now because I really like the Siri Shortcuts functionality but I hope the whitelist functionality will be restored in the near future.

Thanks again for your tutorial!

It is. However, v2.0 removed the functionality to access the origin IP-address of requests, which is what’s required to implement the whitelisting feature.

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Unbelievable… this is really awesome!! thnx! it works straight outta box…

@Joep_Vullings is a hero (=eindbaas). Thank you very much for this!!!

Thanks for the tutorial @Joep_Vullings!

Now I wonder if it is also possible to start a timer on the iPhone from a flow in Homey. Have already tried a few things but do not get out of it yet?!

Does anyone have suggestions or tips?

I don’t think it’s possible: automations in Homekit can be created based on the state of a device changing (“lamp X turned on”), but you can’t create timers from Homekit automations (from what I can see).

You can create timers from the Shortcuts app, but you can’t base those on Homekit “triggers” (like the above-mentioned “lamp X turned on”). And I can’t find any other possible triggers for Shortcuts that are useful (although possibly, there might be third-party apps that can provide such triggers, will have to search for those).

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Yeah, thanks for providing that! You should get money for doing the work of the manufacturer. :slight_smile:

Question is:
What is the purpose?

Just starting a timer might can be worked around by creating virtual devices and using timers; then pushing that VD to HomeKit and create a Siri-Shortcut for it.

Didn’t have the time yet to create all flows in v2 reliable as the export to Homekit just makes sense to do it at the end, but then I’ll be setting up Siri phrases for flows (already works btw with Heimdall, when I tell Siri “Hey Siri, pass aufs Haus auf” she activates the surveillance mode. If she wants to.)

Many thanks for the tutorial, it works! @Joep_Vullings!

Thank you for the tutorial works like a charm and i Also learnd some stuff about HTTP request !

No problem!

Well Joep, I was trying to get everything like you did explain above. Thanks for that. However now I found this HomeyKit app…and everything works with Siri and Apples Home App. This is a lot easier (for me). Thanks for your tutorial anyway.