Shortcuts Siri


I’m trying to start a flow from a Siri Shortcuts but it doesn’t seem to stared the flow on my homey.

When my phone connect to my WiFi start favorite flow homey.

I’m receiving a notification from my shortcuts but nothing happen in homey flow.


According to, an automation based on Wi Fi cannot run automatically. You will get a notification asking if you want to run the automation. You then have to press Run.

really stupid

Right, but that depends on Apple / Siri shortcuts.
But there are some apps available with which you can realize your use case, e.g. Net Scan. Apps are also available specifically for some router/network manufacturers, e.g. Netgear, Asus, UniFi.

i will try ‘net scan’, i just have downloaded unifi network app on homey and scanned my devices then i have created a flow with my iPhone wifi connection, it works fine but there is some delay, i have tested only when I’m at home, disabling and re-enabling my wifi on my phone.

This morning I also tried Siri Shortcuts and disabled and re-enabled the Wi-Fi on my iPhone at home. There was also a delay of some seconds.

i think the delay will not be an issue. still need to test it, im trying to create a flow to open my front door when my phone connected to my home wifi. My wifi connection is quiet strong. so parking my car and step out the car, i think the door will open before i reached the door.

i will test it today and i will update the result.