Make Homey receive "message/text" through iOS Siri?

I’m looking to update a variable by just talking to Siri. With the limitations that comes with iOS Shortcuts.
I came so close with Telegram Notifications. But in the end, bots can’t read what other bots write in a chat…So even though I managed to build a URL and complete my message through voice and send the message. I came up too short since the message isn’t sent by a normal user, but a bot…

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to achieve such a goal through other “projects”?
Or, anyone able to construct a URL or a iOS Shortcut-way to send a message as myself?

Maybe these two apps can help

And maybe this topic too.

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.
I noticed “Local API” states you should be careful to expose this to the internet. But I think the first one with the included tutorial should do the trick! Once again thanks for helping!