Talking to Homey through Siri without Homekit

Hi, I’m trying to implement ‘asking questions’ to Homey through HTTP requests. I don’t want to link Homey to my (Apple) Homekit, but I do want to be able to ask Siri what the temperature of my living room is, and if all the doors are closed.

Controlling stuff through Siri is pretty easy with the HTTP Request App; I can just tell Siri to do something, create an iOS shortcut to run an HTTP request and i gets handled, no issues. The only problem is; as far as I can see, the HTTP Request cards will only reply with “OK” is the connection was made, and there is no way to get any onfrmation back out for my iOS shortcut to pick up.

Anyone have any tips on how I could run a flow that can get some information back to my iOS shortcut? Or another way in which I could do this?


Why not?

Language issues. My phone is in English, my wife’s phone is in Dutch, and Siri can’t handle it very well, I tried. So the logical move is to create flows for what I want and have English shortcuts for me, and Dutch shortcuts for my wife, that trigger the same flow in Homey.

Edit to clarify: devices can’t have aliases in the Home app, so either it’s going to be ‘zet de lamp aan in de kitchen’ or ‘switch the keuken-lamp on’, both are not really great options.

I assume that you want to speak English to Siri (I have my phone set to English, but Siri to Dutch)?

A possible solution could be to trigger flows using the Logic card “An event is received” (semi-webhooks) and let Homey send a push notification back. However, you’d need a flow card for each specific request and possibly for each user.

flow-cards for each specific request is what I have in place now with HTTP requests. Works perfectly for actions, but not for returning data. I’ve solved the multiple-phones-with-diffferent-siri-languages-problem like that, and triggers work fine. To continue my example: I can now tell Siri to ‘switch on the kitchen light’, and my wife can tell Siri ‘zet het licht in de keuken aan’. Both are caught by a shortcut that runs a HTTP request to the same flow.

The issue is I can’t get data back to Siri, so for example I cant ask is a door is open or closed, as there is no way to pass that information from a flow back to the HTTP request.

another edit: both HTTP requests and Logic events produce the same result; sending anything will result in a webpage that says “OK”. I want it to be able to say something other than “OK”, so I can pass it back to Siri, to say to me.

The way to get data from Homey to Siri is through HomeKit. AFAIK there aren’t any other solutions.