Open an ios app with Homey Http request

Is is possible to let homey with a flow sending a http request to open an app on my iphone? If that’s possible do you have to aknowledge opening the app or is it possible to ignore that.

I don’t think that’s possible, based on the fact that it would require your iPhone to be “always on” and also that there’s an inherent security risk being able to do that.

I was already afraid for that. Would be nice there is a way to send from homey a notice on which somethings happens on my iphone.

Perhaps there’s a possibility to build something like that using Shortcuts and Homekit.

With Shortcuts, you can create automations based on Homekit events, for instance if a certain device got turned on. As an action, you can probably (I’m unable to test this because my Home hub is outdated) open a specific app.

I will dive into that, maybe it’s a way