Return output from homey to IOS shortcut URL call


I’ve been using Homey for years now and I am looking for other ways to integrate e.g. HomePod mini’s into my smart setup.

I want to trigger a flow in homey using the URL scheme form an IOS shortcut and receive the result from a homey script back in JSON format. So I can make the HomePod for example speak out which windows are open or which lights are on.

What flow cards do I need to do this, all help is appreciated!

Not exactly the same situation but it shows how to receive incoming web requests, have a look here:

The issue is that you can’t return anything from a webhook :frowning:

Thanks, that’s a shame. For another flow I’m using google sheets as a storage point for data (using the IFTTTT app) and make a call to the sheet URL to that sheet that returns a JSON

Thanks, but this doesn’t solve my question. It’s only about requesting but nog receiving

Maybe you can find it in the Micro-Webserver?