Webhook GET

Hi. Is it possible to trigger a flow from webhook external?
If so. can someone please give me some “hello world” code for that and allso some instruction how i install webook app on homey.

I want to use GET to send from website to homey and star a flow.
Please Micke

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If you’re using Homey 2.0(maybe it already existed on 1.x?) you can create a new flow, add a if/trigger card, choose Logic -> a webhook is received. No code required…

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Install the Webhook.manager app, it will show you demo code for PHP but it is also very easy to just request the URL in any other programming / scripting language.

Ah. Great. Exactly what i looking for


Hi Jorden. Is it possible to get a value back from my webbhook question. Now i only get ”ok”

Please Micke

That is not possible with Webhooks I believe. The “ok” comes from the Athom server.

You could, however, use the HTTP request app (https://apps.athom.com/app/com.internet and I believe that this is builtin in Homey 2.0) to communicate with your server on an incoming webhook :slight_smile:

Shall test that. But it seems that it not so secure that webook is. I have made i apple watch app that use your webhook manager and it work great. Best way is mabee have a direct connect to my homey thru API but im not so got i programing so this was asolutley the best way. Is it ok to relese a beta for this for you?

Thanks! It worked right away