URL to run flow


Can anyone explain how I can trigger a flow from an URL (internal)?

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Hi there,
can you elaborate what you mean by internal?
Otherwise there are several options to use webhooks. Some super complex and powerful down to very easy and simple. If you could explain a bit more what you want to do maybe it is easier to propose a suitable solution :slight_smile:

I just wants to be able to send a GET url to the Homey from another computer.

Ï have LK IHC in my house, its not possible to connect IHC directly to the Homey, but I can send GET URL from the IHC computer.

This means I would be able to send a GET URL when I switch on my alarm to execute the flow “Away”

If you just want to call a get URL then you could use one of my apps. It is lightweight, simple and easy to use and understands simple GET calls to transform them into a a flow trigger: Micro Web Server App für Homey | Homey

For more complex tasks you can have a look at this here: https://homey.app/de-de/app/webhook.manager/Webhook-Manager/

And of course you could also mingle with webhooks on Homey’s developer page too: Homey Developer Tools

There’s also the built-in Logic card “A webhook is received”.

The webhooks page on the Developer website is meant for app developers that want to use webhooks in their apps.


in addition you can use:

But thanks @robertklep I didn’t know there is a build-in Logic card.

I have tryed the webhook manager and HTTP request flowcard without luck
Can somebody please write a step by step guide?

Webhook manager, I used the “on event test” (Webhook flow card)
then I tryed to post my URL

Nothing happens, I get (OK) in browser

Sorry. Never used the webhooks and that manager app myself. I preferred direct communication with Homey. Hence why I added that to the Micro Webserver, which could be used like this:
Details on this in particular can be found here: [App] Micro Web Server

i’ll give you an hint, you should read hints that are there in flow cards (the small i icon, from information), as there it explains the right url to call to:

Make a GET request to Homey from another device. Example:


While we’re giving hints: you should read what @Kongedam is actually writing. He’s trying to use the Webhook Manager app, which uses URL’s of the form https://webhooks.athom.com/webhook/...

I didn’t even know there was an app for webhooks outside of the HTTP app :upside_down_face: learn something new everyday

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Can someone make a step by step guide to it?

I made a flow like this

Then I call it from Chrome browser on my computer with this URL
XXXXXX = the numbers from Webhook Managers settings page


Should I call “test” as the flowcard is named or “testing” as the flow is called?

So event=test

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It works now,
I did everything correct, but it dident work.
After a restart og the homey it works :slight_smile:

Hi Brian

I know this is not the right topic. I have IHC as well. Did you manage to send a command to IHC as well.
I’m spending too much time in HASSIO at the moment I just wants to be able to Connect my IHC, Google Home and Hue together with one device, and Homey seems to be a good solution for that. :slight_smile:

I have full connection between Homey and IHC in both directions. You will need IHC Captain beta version running in between :relaxed:

Hejsa, kunne du uddybe lidt mere omkring IHC sammen med Homey.
Jeg har ikke Homey endnu men har IHC Wireless flere steder i huset.
Kunne godt tænke mig at få forbindelse med IHC så wireless tryk kan bruges i homey så jeg kan blande IHC wireless og homey + at homey evt kan sende til IHC at wireless relæ/dæmper kan bruges via homey

Hvis altså muligt :slight_smile:

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Hi Kongedam
Is it possible to get a “how to do it” guide for your “connection” between Schneiders - IHC Controller an HOMEY. A guideline starting after installation of IHC Captain beta on Rpi…:o)
Maybe it’s more a “Danísh LK IHC issue”…so if it’s easyer, put it in the danish Homey forum.

Yes, I will see if I can make it this weekend :slight_smile: