iOS 12 shortcuts

So Apple just launched iOS 12 and added a new app called “Shortcuts”. This is Apple’s own IFTT and I kinda like how it works.

Since there are no supported Dashboards for homey anymore, to control my home automation with my wall-mounted iPad, I thought, maybe it is possible to add homey flows in the Shortcuts app, when Athom decides to support this in app, IF it’s possible at all.


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For those who don’t know the new app yet:

Any shortcuts you’d like to share? :slight_smile:

homey.dash beta app ? and then customize it ?

or the app homedash on apple store , who need siri shortcuts which take 3-5 sec for reaction and is and the response answer of devices also has that problem , and this is still on ios 12.1 beta 2

I use Shortcuts and Siri to trigger a flow using HTTP request flowcharts, this works fine without significant delays. Only thing missing right now is to send feedback from Homey to Shortcuts. No need to use IFFT as this would case delays.

This is great! Could you please explain how you achieved this?

Solved it using this guide:

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That’s the link I used also, however I don’t use IFFT because I only use this functionality when I am at home and to prevent delays as much as possible.
I use the app HTTP request flowkaarten to trigger a flow. The flow can be triggered by sending a HTTP get request to http://[UwHomeyIP]/api/app/com.internet/[event]/[value] where the event is a name you specify as a flow trigger. In the picture it’s SceneSiriWelterusten.
The HTTP request used in the shortcut app is http://[UwHomeyIP]/api/app/com.internet/SceneSiriWelterusten

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I don’t understand how Siri is activating this flow? Could you explain?

You need to create a task using the IOS Opdrachten App on your iPhone or iPad. Select URL and enter: http://[UwHomeyIP]/api/app/com.internet/SceneSiriWelterusten

SceneSiriWelterusten is the name of the flow in Homey you want to trigger.

Next you need to send the URL by using Haal de inhoud van URL op and select the get methode.
You can futher extend the IOS task but this should do the trick.

How can I find the IP of my Homey, which is running in 2.0 currently…?
Bottom of the list!

I get this error.

I used the WifiAdress, is that correct?

In the new 2.0 app, select Instellingen, Algemeen, Over

I made a tutorial for Shortcuts and Siri, look at [TUTORIAL] Using Siri/Shortcuts for activating flows (with pics!)

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