Why ZigBee devices seem offline in dev tools?

Hi All,

I’ve just found a quite interesting issue.

If I try to change channel to 15 from 11, a red notification shows up, telling me that some of my devices are offline, then Homey does nothing, channel does not change.

Weird part comes here, in dev mode I can see “x” in “online” column for couple items, but all affected devices can be interviewed, also switchable with almost no delay from user interface.

So what’s going on here?

I know, it’s not really helpful at this moment, but this is an answer from Athom to the question if it is possible to change the Zigbee channel without having trouble or can it cause problems.

Maybe this thread from @Dijker is helpful:


I know, there are down sides if I try to change channel… anyway, I have to gather experience with this. I’m the Hungarian distributor of Homey. In case of request, I need to explain how it works. But seemingly I can change the channel only at the initial setup.