Homey Pro (Early 2019) Zigbee broken

Hi all,

It seems Zigbee functionality on my Homey Pro (Early 2019) is broken. Devices connected to the Zigbee network on the Homey are not responding / reporting anymore.

I looked in the Developer Tools environment, there all Zigbee devices are gone and I can not adjust any setting: I only see Time Out messages in the bottom of the screen (e.g. when I try to change channel, there is no channel selected currently it seems). See attached screenshot.

I also tried to reset the Zigbee network, resulting only in a timeout error.

Homey Pro version is 10.06.

What could be the issue?

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Tried the option to replace the power adapter and do a Full Software Update: the update seems to get stuck when the mobile app mentions “One moment… Checking Homey Pro’s view of the world” .

The LED ring keeps pulsating green, it kept the Homey Pro in this stage for more then 30 minutes.

Contact Athom.

Zigbee has been borked since the last updates. It’s completely unusable. Moved channels, wifi, software reload. But in dev tools if you refresh zigbee list the devices reconnect while they remain unresponsive in the app.

They keep breaking things and homey remains an unreliable and unstable platform.

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I just installed the new 10.0.7 experimental version that talks about lost zigbee routes. It’s been stable for the last 2 hours.

Which wasn’t a guarantee before, but let’s see, will keep you posted.

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Thanks Floppus, for me it seemed the Zigbee network did not even start (driver could not be loaded).

In the meantime the Homey does not even start up anymore it seems: not LED ring lighting up when the power goes in, only some buzzing noise from the speaker when I put my ear next to it.

@robertklep I’ll contact Homey, hopefully something can be fixed still. Also have no backups. :confused:

Turning homey upside down for 10 seconds while plugged in should put it into recovery mode. Does that do anything?

Glad to report here that 10.0.7.rc2 so far seems to have solved to continuous loss of device availability I was facing.

Let’s hope it’s not just coincidence after the update.

There’s completely no sign interaction, I’m affraid it’s not working anymore. :confused:
Reached out to Athom support, hopefully they can help still.

I hope the update solved the problem for you Floppus!

Nope, unfortunately I just noticed that all of Zigbee was again unreachable.