Problems with some Zigbee router devices after update 10.0.9

Hi there!
Tonight my Homey Pro 2019 automatically updated to v.10.0.9 and this morning some of the automations didn’t work…I fixed some by restarting some apps, but I still cannot fix the problems with some Zigbee router devices that are shown as “offline” in the Zigbee panel of Homey Developer Tools.
They’re some Ikea bulbs, TRADFRI Signal Repeater and Osram plug. What should I try?? Didn’t try yet the PtP procedure…

Edit: I tried to interview the offline devices and after 2-3 attempts they seems to be online now, but still not responding…if I try to turn them on/off I receive a timeout message after 10-15 secs…

Thanks in advance!

Try the PtP procedure… :man_shrugging:t3:

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