Transfer ownership of Homey setup to new owner?

How to transfer ownership of my existing ‘smart home setup’ to the new owners, with a different email address (and probably internet provider)?

Back story: I’ve just sold my house…with all the smart devices in it. So that’s a Homey (Early 2016) with the following Zigbee & Z-wave devices;

  • Raspberry Pi 3b running Home Assistant with Conbee II USB stick (running deConz) for a stable Zigbee network via the Homey deConz app
  • Aqara wireless switches and motion/human body sensors
  • IKEA Tradfri GU10 spots, E27 bulbs and a remote
  • Innr GU10 spots & E27 bulbs
  • Fibaro RGBW controller + Double switch
  • Tado thermostat + radiator valves
  • Osram plugs
  • klikaanklikuit wall socket

Anyone been in the same situation where you want to keep the hardware and software working as is, but with a new Athom account? And how about connecting to a new ISP / router, any issues there?

For Homey, Just invite the new owner to your Homey like any other family member.
Then change the new user to manager from the settings- family.

Before or After transfering Homey to the new owner activate the new internet by roll over Homey and use the standard documented recovery procedure to connect to the new wifi network. Just be sure to keep all settings.

Dont forget to change the other devices and your PI to the new wifi network. And update the settings or IP address in the app connection.

Or let them create a wifi network with the same SSID and password (pre shared key) as yours but that is less secure for them as you still know that password.


Thanks a lot for this, really helpful!

This makes me wonder if I could possibly ditch the whole RPi/deConz Zigbee solution, that would be less difficult to explain to the new users and is actually what it should work like from the beginning. What’s the situation with the V5 / SDK3 / Zigbee device apps (Aqara, Tradfri, Innr, Osram) when it comes down to stability (@TedTolboom) ?

As a reference for other people in this situation, here’s the article about changing WiFi that @Dijker refers to:

For me aqara and trådfri with more than 45 device direct to Homey work perfect. Will mive the last ~ 8 trådfri lights that are still on the tradfri hub with 10 direct linked remotes to Homey soon as basic switching is possible now without the controler.

I see V5 is still experimental. Any news on a stable V5 release, or will that last a few more years as well :wink:? The new owners are not as tech savvy, so I’m looking to leave behind the most stable solution.

@robertklep and @Martijn_Hoogenbosch, what’s your experience so far with V5 and connecting zigbee devices directly to Homey?

I don’t install experimental firmwares (and besides, I don’t use Homey to manage my home automation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). deCONZ works great for me.

I was using deCONZ for my zigbee. I migrated back to v5 of homey. All was working very well except for the load on the system, for some reason it was pretty high, so I migrated everything back to deCONZ agina and now i’m sticking with that. So all and all everything works flawless for me.

Do you know if there is a way to clear the history of all activity tracked (without losing all devices and flows)?

You can delete all notifications is settings - notifications.
And remove all insights although I am not sure if that only removes ans continues logging or completely disable the insights for that device.
I suggest to test that for one device first.

The log for alarms and other binary info on devices i am not sure if that can be cleared.