I want to be a Homy Pro user

Hey guys!
I currently have a Fibaro Home Center 2, that I would really like to change to a Homy PRO. My whole house + a guest house is built with mainly Fibaro’s products, but also some other gadgets that work with that system.

My problem if I were to switch systems to Homy Pro, is that, as I understand it, I have to redo the whole installation from scratch, I have to disassemble all my wall sockets and switches to “relearn” each gadget.

My question and hope to you is if have made any kind of migration tools for this type of “system changes”? if not, maybe it would be appropriate, as I think there are many users of other systems out there, who would like to use your system with Homy instead, it seems like the most complete system on the market.

As I said, I would love to buy/exchange my Fibaro Home Center 2 for Homy Pro, but I don’t think I can manage to reconfigure (press the learn button) on the devices that are behind wall sockets and switches.

Yours sincerely,
Håkan Björck, from Sweden

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Just so you are aware, this is a user to user forum and Athom (the makers of Homey) rarely visit, so your request will basically fall on deaf ears (or at least onto ears of users that have no power to do anything).

From what I understand of ZigBee and Zwave, I don’t think your wish is even technically possible.

Welcome Hakan_Bjorck,
Tho following is just a joke :rofl:

  1. To become a Homey PROfessional user, just must visit the HOMEY Academy for at least 2 years.
  2. In the first 6 months you will learn how to spell HOMEY.
  3. Then you will learn that nothing works as expected.
  4. And the second year will be used to tell you that you better switch back to your Fibaro Home Center 2
    end of joke :wink: - now serious :thinking:

I am also quite new to homey pro, so most points are just guessing.

  • I do not think there are any migration tools from one smarthome system to another. Sometimes you may integrate your system into homey and then take out one piece by another. But I have not seen anything like this for FIBARO.
  • The good news is that there are many Fibaro tools that can be integrated easily in the homey system Fibaro App for Homey | Homey
  • my idea would be to run both systems simultanously and migrate groups of tools that are heavily integrated (e.g. switches and lights) probably you may have for some time run and maintain some (work-)flows on both systems.
  • for non-Fibaro gadgets you should check if there is already an app. Otherwise it might be hard to integrate them unless you have some development kills.

Best regards Dirk

First of all, welcome to the Homey Community!

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I was also a Fibaro Home Center 2 user until 2019 and then switched to Homey Pro (early 2019). I haven’t regretted it so far, just by the way.

Migrating the Z-Wave devices from HC2 to Homey Pro will most likely not be technically possible, but I’m not a Z-Wave expert either.
Within a system, e.g. from Homey Pro (early 2019) to Homey Pro (early 2023), or from Aeotoec Z-Stick Gen 5+ to Z-Stick 7, it’s possible.
Even if it were possible to migrate from HC2 to Homey Pro 2023, I guess Athom would probably not take the time to implement this.

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As already stated, you indeed can’t transfer everything over, it is possible and is part of the Z-Wave protocol, but hasn’t been implemented by Athom.

But you also don’t have to tear down your walls/switches, as all Fibaro in-wall modules can be included by triple switching the switch that is connect to S1 input.
But yes, it will have to be done 1 by 1.