Migrating from Fibaro Home Center to Homey

Has someone migrated to Homey from Fibaro Home Center (2 etc) ?

What prompted you to do that and what are your experiences so far?

Hello Jumanji,

Yes, I switched from Fibaro HC 2 to Homey.

I had expected more from Fibaro. I found that the scenes with the pre-made graphic blocks were unreliable and the possibilities were limited.
You had to do a lot of scripting yourself. This was not a problem, but i found that even the scripts or the push messages worked unreliably. Sometimes messages arrived immediately or more often very delayed.
I was not satisfied with the app. The ipad app was a little better than the iphone app. I expected more. You had to make a significant number of clicks just to see a status of a device. A configuration via the app was also not possible. And I had to sign up all the time, because the app kept logging me out. These are some of the points that bothered me.

But that’s just my opinion.

I read from homey in a forum. After reading some articles about Homey, I bought one.
For me it was the right decision. The Devices could be integrated quickly. The flow’s are working as expected and I’ve already been able to automate a lot in a very short time.


Hi, thanks a lot for your detailed answer. I am taking the plunge these days and will try Homey : )
I’m coming from Domoticz and most attracted by integration of different wireless protocols in one flow.

@Jumanji Hi :slight_smile:

I have also migrated from HC2 to homey, and so far I really like it, you are much more dependent on others, but its so much less hassle :slight_smile:
Also my HC2 was malfunctioning straight out of the box…
The only con I have found so far with the homey would be the lack of space even in the pro version