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TRÅDFRI Shortcut Button (Dutch: Snelkoppelknop)

Hi all,

Today IKEA presented the new device TRÅDFRI Snelkoppelknop. I think it would be a brilliant add on for Homey to launch flows etc. My question is, will it be supported and when?

Now why is it brilliant to buy a wireless IKEA switch, and the IKEA hub, for starting flows on Homey?
Why not just buy the Aqara wireless switch? @TedTolboom made a brilliant app for that, that’s true!


Damm… they presented TODAY, and you already exepct a date when its supported? At least give them some time.

And also a request for new devices should not be done in the forum ( athom apps)… so please contact them directly. How? I say search :+1:

When will the 5-button remote and the dimmer switch be supported? Those have been available for many many months already :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing to do with the “snelkoppelknop” question :wink: what a name by the way :joy::joy:

I have had this at home for a few weeks (Ikea Hengelo) and I am also waiting for support

These are now supported from the Tradfri app version 1.11.0. Currently in test.

At first they didn’t work for me while paired correctly but after a couple of days the triggers spontaneously started functioning.

Succesfully paired this button but still not working in flows after many days.
Batterystatus seems to be received by Homey.

But trigger does not function in flows. So it is useless.



Had the same but not sure if it is a app fault, a stability issue of the button or a Zigbee Networking stability issue here.

I am regualry testing now but most of the time it works.

Please update your Shortcut Button firmware if you have an IKEA Trafdri Hub.
and report to Athom if it fails and send a App log and Homey report.

Update shotcut-button firmware ? How ?
I also have the hub, but cannot see find options for updating button firmware in the Home Smart app.
Are you sure this is possible ?


Just add to the IKEA Hub,
Check in IKEA App settings -

but although I was pretty sure the first button I added was updated to above version the new probably already was.

And still not confirmed stable in use, often the trigger just does not work.

also found out that a long press of the paring button can pair direct with a TRÅDFRI light more then 1 meter away…

Any news regarding the Shortcut button from IKEA - I have a couple of them I’d really like to use :slight_smile:

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Same here. Button paired ok, battery status reported but no functionality even after a few days of trying.

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same problem here

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Got several shortcut buttons. Got 1 to work, but the second one acts the same as reported by @dajones_eng. Will try number 3 and see what happens

Same here… pairing oke, working no way!

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I had the same problem, but then suddenly the next day it started working (and after 2 weeks still works like a charm).

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None of my shortcut buttons are working :frowning:

Neither the shortcut button or the symfonisk remote works after pairing :frowning:

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Do you use the Tradfri Hub, or a direct connection? I have connection but nothing happened when I press it with direct to Homey connection.