Issues with Ikea Shortcut Button

I am having issues with the IKEA Shortcut Button. I can pair it, and it shows up correctly as any other device. However, nothing happens when clicking the button. No flow is triggered. I have tried the long press as well.

In the Developer view, it is listed as Ready and Available. I have also tried two different physical buttons to rule out a technical malfunction with the button itself - and on two different network routes.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Is it with the IKEA Homey app itself?

The forum is crammed with this issue. Here’s two solutions. I guess the “just wait” option does not work, but it’s worth a shot, isn’t it? :wink:

I got this from Homey support:

For your IKEA shortcut button to work, Homey requires that its firmware version is 2.3.080 or higher. You can update your buttons by connecting them to a IKEA gateway.

Thanks! Will see if I can track down anyone with an IKEA gateway…

Or deCONZ or zigbee2mqtt, those systems can update IKEA firmware too.


I also had the same problem, bought four shortcut button ~a month ago, first time I just connected one of them. This doesn’t wanted to work at all, right before I wanted to bring back all to IKEA, just gave a last shot and the button started to work, so I connected the rest of the three buttons, and none of them worked, similarly the first one.
At this point I started to search and found this thread. As I didn’t have Ikea gateway so I was not able to update the fw.
Just borrowed an IKEA gateway, but my button’s firmware was the latest so it was also a dead end…

At my final desperation, reconnected several times vice versa to Homey and to IKEA gateway, surprisingly it stated to work. After that I started to experiment and I did the following with the rest of two buttons:

  1. Take out the battery wait few minutes
  2. Press the connect button as it suggested by the “Add Device” function at Homey
  3. Tried out with a simple flow
  4. If not worked removed the device from Homey and goto step 1.

For both of the remained buttons this method was worked but the retry count was totally random while it started to work (4-6x times)…

This workaround really works well for me. I had to add two shortcut buttons, One worked around 10 tries, the second took around 25 tries, but finally both work fine.

Thx so far :+1:t2::blush: