TRÅDFRI Shortcut Button (Dutch: Snelkoppelknop)

Bummer. Just bought one of these today as it seemed perfect for my use. Anyone know if it will be back, a hack to get it going? Or do I need to install my hub again just for this one device?

The IKEA gateway app doesn’t provide access to remotes/sensors/buttons.

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That was bad news…Oh, well - at least I now have…a thing…that I can use for…something? :thinking:

You mean the 1.14.3 version of IKEA Tradfri by Athom? Is it possible to install older versions of the app?

Don’t know. I just got rid of the thing :slight_smile:

I found 1.8.4 on Git (don’t know if it actually works, just try it):

Install using CLI method:

Did anyone get it to work the IKEA Shortcut Button? Did anybody update to the newest firmware and did that help?

I just bought one shortcut button, as it would be a nice addition, but got the same issues as mentioned above… Can get it to connect to homey, however it doesn’t register clicks of the button.

Aw shucks, I really should’ve checked the boards first before just assuming Homey has the ability to pair the button means it’ll work. I just bought three of them, one works fine. The other two, same story as above: pair without a problem, but don’t actually work.

I know someone asked - either here on in a different thread - why not just use Aqara’s mini button. I have two of those as well, but there you have to press precisely in the middle. With the Tradfri buttons you press the entire casing of the button, which just works better for my use case. Or rather: the intended use case.

Ah well. I’ll either return the two that aren’t working or hold unto them in hopes the problem can be solved in the future. It’s not like they’re expensive.

The Shortcut Button needs to run firmware 2.3.080 (or newer) to work with Homey.

To update the button you need an TRÅDFRI hub. When it runs the new firmware, you can pair it to Homey.

I know, but I’m not inclined to purchase it just to use two more buttons. Maybe I’ll ask around if someone has it, but I don’t know many smart home enthusiasts IRL.

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In my case, at first it didn’t seem to work, but after a few days, the shortcut-button (so my only one) started to work. So maybe you should give it a couple of days?

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That’s SO weird though.

I paired them about a week ago so I thought this ‘automatic miracle cure by just waiting’ was not gonna work for me. Apparently, it needed just two days more. Don’t understand it, don’t see how this would work, but I’m not gonna complain :grin:

So yeah… keeping them it is :smiley:

@SortOfSmart So they can work with patience without needing the Hub?

They do in my case. But as mentioned above, it’s not a guarantee.

For me they paired right away. The trick i used was, put the button in pairing first. So it lights up. Then start pairing in the homey app.

  • Update, it is added but not working :stuck_out_tongue:

I connected the shortcut to a old tradfri bridge and leave them voor 24hrs, when the updates where done i connected the shortcut to the homey. They working fine now!

In dec 21 i put my Tradfri shortcutbuttons on the attick, because Homey said in those days they will not support the button any longer and so they become useless (the button was also removed from the app).

I recently saw that the shortcutbutton is now available again in de app with the notice/restriction that you have to update the shortcutbutton to the newest firmware 2.3.080.
After doing so, i can confirm that the shortcutbutton is now working perfect with Homey with all three possibilities (short press, dubble press and long press).

I had to update my buttons because they were more than one year old; i presume that if you buy a new one now at Ikea the new firmware is already loaded in the button (but i’m not sure offcourse).
@Maurits : I guess you have to update the button at first too.

WARNING: In addition of what @basvanderploeg said about updating to minimal firmware 2.3.030 it is neccesary to update even to 2.3.080 if you want to use the double-click and long press function of the button. Notice the difference below:

SKK Tradfri


I updated the button (which I recently bought at IKEA) and now everything is working like it should. However you need an IKEA gateway to be able to update the button…Lukily a friend of mine has such a gateway, but otherwise you need to buy one, just for updating.

I’m sorry, I indeed posted the wrong version number. The right firmware version is 2.3.030.

Mine did eventually work after a couple of days. Switched to the Aqara scene switch as it has more functionality for a reasonable price point.