IKEA Tradfri Remote E1810 button release events missing?

I have managed to add the IKEA Tradfri Remote E1810 to homey. Now I’m trying to setup this flow that uses the long button press of a remote. However for this to work I need access to a button release events. I can only discover press events and no button release events. Is this missing functionality for this remote or do I need some kind of logic to “detect” a release of the button after a long press?

For the button release event is not trigger available for this remote model from IKEA you have.
The example you referred is probably a Xiaomi button that has more scene and trigger options including the release button trigger.

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Thanks for your reply. Indeed this is not supported by this remote. I also found out using your PaperTrails app that the long press event is only sent after releasing the long pressed button. That also rules out any custom logic for this implementation.

Well, it’s not supported by the app, the device itself sends release/hold events for long presses. You could ask Athom (support@athom.com) to add support for it.


@robertklep I stand corrected. I have emailed the feature request to Athom. I will keep posting to this thread when I got updates.

Feature request has been confirmed

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for reaching out and thinking along!

We’ve added it internally to our list of feature request, so we can discuss this with the development team.

Please keep in mind that we cannot give any guarantees on if and when we will implement your suggestions, as there is already quite the development roadmap laid out. That being said, it is definitely noted.

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The Athom support team.

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Same is true for the remote E1743 on/off switch a.k.a. Tradfri wireless dimmer. Without release events for the long press button events I don’t see any way to create a good bulb dimmer flow as one can’t stop the flow.