Hello friends…

How to get Homey to see my new Ikea device ?


It shows up as “Unknown Zigbee device”

What to do :slight_smile:


If it isnt supported yet, ask the develepor of the app for adding it into the app.


I also want this support! If everyone fills out the form in the link above i am sure athom will prioritize it- in the mean time I will investigate a workaround.

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Have You found a solution - I cant …

I have triede to write to support - but havent got any reply´s

As far as I can see, the only workaround for now is to run zigbee2mqtt (they support the button) on a separate server and then pick up the button using a mqtt listener on homey.

Wonder how difficult it would be to create a pr to GitHub - athombv/com.ikea.tradfri.

Guess latest version for Homey v5 is not public on Github. So ask Athom but i woul expect it soon afte they fixed v5 and released it to stable.

So v5 will include a completely new ikea app?

Look at the test version on the store. That one is already available for v5 users.

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how do I find the test version ?

Type test behind the url

I’ve installed the experimental version of ikea trådfri 1.8.4 (/test) but the shortcut button is not available.
I’m on homey v 5.0.

Have you managed to install the shortcut button?

It’s not supported by the IKEA app (test or otherwise).

Ok! Thanks :slight_smile:

Any update on the shortcut button?

As long its not mentiond as supported device in the app store… no

But ofcourse you did make a request for supporting this device right?

Yes of course! I did that five minutes from now! :wink:


Looks like there is support in the test version in app store. Haven’t tested it out yet, but looks promising!

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Ok Marius… How do I install the experimental version? :slight_smile:

In a browser, go to the app in the store. edit the url by adding /test at the end. If there is a test version, you should see a page with an orange banner saying it is an experimental version. Install from there.