IKEA Trådfri Smart Plug Remote

I could not find a generic IKEA topic so i made a new one.

I bought a IKEA smart plug and it works great.
The did run out of stock for the plug only device so i bought one with a remote.
The plug was installed very easy

I did try to add the remote to Homey it did pair but it is not working correctly.
it looks like the information is there in homey as it is seen as a on/off switch from IKEA but show as a unknown device.
The info on the remote is Type:E1743

Is there a way to get this working?

Thanks in advance

Short answer: No.

A bit more information on the matter: Not before Athom has rewritten the Zigbee code. Until then you can add the plug like you did and then pair it separately with an IKEA bulb or control outlet that has already been paired with Homey. This enabling you to control the devices both using the button and Homey.

Thanks for the information.
I do not need the button to turn on the plug i have Homey to do that.
But it would be nice to use the button for something else of course.
Then i just have to be patient and wait until 2019-2020 for the homey update :zipper_mouth_face:

Hi, Could you please specify how you managed to pair the plug (named Control Outlet) in the Trådfri App? I bought a set with remote and outlet in a package (since the outlets only, were out of stock). I assume this means the outlet comes pre-paired with the remote. Is that the reason it doesn’t pair with Homey? I have pushed the reset pin hole on the outlet for 5 sec as written in the manual but no success. Please advice.

I’ve tried to pair the remote button as a generic zigbee device. It seems fine. When I pushed the button, it switched an aqara wall plug. :thinking: I’ve unpaired it from homey and it stopped.
Back in the box, waiting for the app.

Would be nice to use this switch for other tasks, I’ve tried to pair the remote but I cannot make Homey find the remote (as Generic Zigbee Device). Is there a way to send feature requests for the Ikea App? I think the tradfri line really is nice, a power consumption meter in the next version of this socket would be great.

You got your outlets working?

Yes, tried one or two days after and suddenly it worked. Thanks for asking!

May I ask what procedure you followed? I’m stuck as well :slight_smile:

For me, getting the outlets to work was very easy, but I used the Ikea Trådfri Gateway app for Homey. There, it comes up as an alternative when adding a new device.

Anybody knows anything more on the IKEA E1743 on/off switch. It would be great to have it in homey. I did read that Zigbee rewrite is needed. Did Athom confirmed some date on this?

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Hi @David_K no confirmed date on the zigbee rewrite. You can keep up to date with all the latest news in theBehind the Magic blog post which comes out on the first Friday of each month.

I didn’t know there is something wrong or actually lacking in zigbee in homey. Zigbee has maybe a bit less part in whole devices count, I don’t know but maybe. Nonetheless IKEA and Aqara (Xiaomi) have really big share. Zigbee is almost as important as Z-Wave.

Whatever, we will then just wait for this rewrite of the code. Nothing else to do. :smiley:

Hi everyone!
Do we have any news about the rewrite of the zigbee code by Homey?
Thank you in advance!
Have a nice day!

It has been rumoured that it’s being tested at the moment, and part of firmware v5. However, no clue as to when it is supposed to be released.

Thank you very much Robert for your answer.
I’m patientely waiting for this update :smiley: