Timeline notifications stop until reboot

Since using Advanced Flow / 8.0.1 (8.0.2) from time to time the timeline notifications stop working entirely. Notification cards get an error and nothing is being logged to the timeline anymore.
It occurs after the timeline is flooded with messages (e.g. every 10 seconds). I know that you shouldn’t post that many messages to the timeline, but what worries me is that the notifications just stop definitive until you reboot homey, and also do not get any kind of warning.
Am I the only one experiencing this?

Together with your Nefit issues, it might be a symptom of something else. Are you still using the original power supply for your Homey?

No, but that has nothing to do with AF.
I have experienced this several times, even though AF did not yet exist. Homey has a bug if too many messages are sent at once or in a short time.
I recommend inserting a delay between the messages.

Yes, I am. And indeed should try that also, so I will look for a good replacement.

Maybe it did not occur before because my old flows did not have so many notifications that could be send in a short notice.
But still, it sounds like a real bug, because when it occurs, no other flow can send timeline notifications anymore and only a reboot can fix it, it does not correct itself after some amount of time.

It looks related indeed, except that in my case it is notifications. But it does occur when “flooding” the notifications from a flow that was triggered a lot (every 10 seconds).

I wrote a homeyscript which fires100 homey notifications in a loop.

As a reaction I wasn’t able to receive any more notifications anymore (ERROR in the flow: rate_limit)

So far I can confirm the issue. I have to say that I enabled the option to get a mobile push message when homey sends me a notification.

Thanks for confirming. I kind of understand the need to stop sending notifications when they are flooding, but the way it is implemented now is bad imho.
It would be better if the flow that triggers those notifications was paused and you would get a notification about that. Or, even if all notifications would have to stopped, some kind of way to inform the homey owner about that.