Rate_limited error message

When using a “notification” to send a message to a mobile phone I now get “rate_limited” error.

The simplest root cause I can think of is that I overloaded a kind of message buffer due to a mistake in another script, that has sent 99 messages to my mobile phone at night. It looks like this message buffer has a max of 99, since that it didn’t send more and I would have expected so now that I know the mistake in the related script.
Now my questions are:

  • does it make sense what I’m writing above?
  • How do I empty this buffer again?

Yes (although the message buffer might be larger than 99 slots but the rate limiting kicks in when that amount of messages is being pushed within a short amount of time).

I don’t think you can.

The question is where the rate limiting occurs. As far as I know, push services for both iOS and Android don’t have rate limiting, so perhaps Athom imposes the rate limiting itself (or Athom uses a third-party service to deliver notifications and that service is rate limiting). It might be worthwhile to ask Athom about it, perhaps they can do some magic and clear the buffer.

Thanks for your answer Robert.
Good news. I think the situation is automatically reset after 24 hrs, I have received pushed messages again. So my problem is solved

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