Timeline RATE-LIMIT without error notification

Hi all,

Fact: The timeline can get rate-limited when sending too many notifications from flows, within a certain time frame.

  1. Why isn’t an error message sent or present somewhere?
    Say a push message, or a timeline message (while only the flow category seems to be rate-limited).
    Now I only discover it when I look at the timeline to discover the last notification is from hours ago.

  2. Probably a bug:
    While I test AdvancedFlow, it seems it triggers a rate-limit pretty fast. This happens with Aflows with just one timeline notification card. It’s not I test run every 1s for 60times. Just a few test runs seems to trigger the rate-limit.

Why are you asking the community? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey Peter,
One thing: The Flow rate limit is NOT 60 executions a minute (afaik), but 60 runs at the same time (or at least without the others completing).

F.i. this flow:

This will run the same flow 70 times, well within a minute (i just found a bug that makes it run twice as many times, whoeps).

It was a bit tricky to build it, because the need to wait for the previous execution to run.

But it does work, and you can go through JSON Arrays/Collection with hundres of elements/objects in it, and loop through it using the same flow: No problem to execute this flow about 150 times a minute what i did during testing.

because i also thought it was 60 runs a minute, but, i have never hit that mark as long as i put all executions after each the previous has completly finished.


Sorry Arie, it’s about the timeline getting rate limited

Hehe, well, maybe someone can fix it, and by accident works for Athom :upside_down_face:

Yeah, i know, i just wanted to let you know the flow limit is not (60 a minute), what many people seem to think. :wink:

Ah okay, I knew :wink:

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