Flow execution time limit + persistent delays

Is there an execution time limit for flows? And also, are standard ”when” delays persistent (so that they survive
app/Homey restarts) - I’m guessing no? Asking out of curiosity; I always use the Countdown app for delays longer than a couple of seconds.

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Guessing you ask for Advanced Flow’s ?

No, up til your Homey restarts…

No, user other Timers :wink:

I’m asking about both types of flows (standard+advanced) - is there a difference with regards to timeout/execution time limits?

All flow cards are the same for the regular and advanced flows, most if not all timeouts are determined by the device and/or app, so there can be no difference.

In the end the only difference will be the added up time when you put up cards after cards (serial activation) for advanced flows, instead of parallel activation that happens in regular flows.
But it will continue running as long as it is in that flow (not persistent on reboots as said before)

Just be sure, so we don’t have to add a delay to cards which need a calculated value from the preliminary logics card (like in the standard flows)?
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That is correct.

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The timeout on answering a mobile push confirmation is 30 minutes.
Both SF and AF.
A delay on a action is SF can be up to 999 minutes.

If you want to try if longer is possible please try amd let us know.
Everything up to a restart of Homey.

Interesting, where did you find this? Is it documented, or through experimentation?

Tested and helped fix some bugs :wink:
Sorry for the Dutch :