A flow and the order of execution of cards

I created a flow which (triggered by sunrise - 15 minutes):

  1. increases a counter by 1.
  2. pushes a notification with the value of this counter

The notification does not show the number being increased (showing the previous value) although when I look in the logic section the variable did certainly increase.

So I have the idea and I need to assume that all cards in the “then” part are executed at once and that the order of cards in the flow does not really matter. Is this true? Because when this is the case, somehow I have to make sure that certain cards are finished before other cards may start in that flow. Setting a delay will provide a solution, but it does not guaranty a previous card has finished its execution.

Is my assumption correct and are there ways to force a strict order of execution of cards (determine a card has been fully executed and then continue)?

Yep everything at the THEN part will run at the same time(which can give problems, for instance turning on two or more devices). Therefore adding a delay for every single card solves that problem. Delay 2 sec and another delay also 2 sec will also run at the same time. So adding a delay 2 sec, and adding a delay 4 sec will run smoothly

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Hi Marcel. Thank you for your reply. I guess I am used to program in a linear way ages ago (executing program line by program line and the next line not starting before the executing of the current line has been finished completely and successfully). There is something to say in favour of how homey handles it now (if one hangs, at least the rest is done). Although in automation like this it would be very nice to have a card option that tells to continue after a successful finish. This is not easy and requires a feedback loop for every card. But throwing a bunch of cards towards an installation and hoping it deals with it, is a bit risky. Anyway I am a newby and I am very impressed what homey can do and homey is not designed to run a nuclear powerplant, so it will do fine.

Homey doesn’t support this at the moment. As a workaround i use something like this flow. The flow will run max 5 times, and when my pump didn’t go on it will try again. To be sure it doesn’t go bonanza, it will only try this 5 times max. Flow sharing did not work, therefore some printscreens

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