Parallel execution: best practice to always use wait statements?

I believe to have read somewhere that Homey has difficulties with multiple parallel executions. Is it advised to always add different amount of wait statements when executing multiple cards at once? E.g.:

It depends on the items being controlled. Using old Flows, all actions were executed in parallel and sometimes that would overload the device controller.
With advance Flows you could daisy chain the actions, in which case they run in series.

Thx. Daisy chaining everything would make it lot more unclear though. So if you prefer to place them below each other instead … is it still best practice to use a different wait statement for each branch?

What you’ve read about these problems may be was related acc. a Homey Pro (early 2016 - 2019). So far I have not read of any problems with an HP23.
And I think there is no general answer. It depends on different things if it will, or if it will not work in parallel. So my recommendation is to try it out by yourself.

Some more information:

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