Rate limited on timeline

Hi there,
So, to keep a litte control on which flows starts when, I ended every flow with a ‘Then’ card that says: make a timeline notification. This worked great, but now I’m getting a rate limited error. Any idea how to solve this?

Use a log program like Simple Log .

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as far as I know the Mobile notification is rate limited, do you have them enabled on the Timeline Notification?
Not sure the Timeline self is rate limited.

you could also add PaperTrails logging to all flows,

First fix all broken flows and then:

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(Although I always use Papertrails for this, I somehow decided to use timeline notifications for this one)
I just created a rate-limited error yesterday (appearantly :sweat_smile:)

Every 4 mins a timeline message with the azimut value was sent to the timeline. After 6 to 8 hrs suddenly no updates were present on the timeline any longer (without any warning anywhere🙄).

I found out by coincidence by testing an other flow. Only THEN the error is displayed…

I assume it is back to normal after 24hrs (and with the cause of the rate-limited removed)
It started showing notifications 25mins ago w/o any further action on my part.

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For some people, flows that don’t trigger very often (like your once-per-4-minutes) get rate limited, even though they shouldn’t be. But because Athom cannot reproduce the issue, it’s not a bug.

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Just 2B clear, my timeline stopped displaying new messages and got ‘rate-limited’
The flow didn’t get disabled.

Maybe b/c the combination of other timeline notifications and the once-in-every-4-min ones tresspassed a secret threshold of x notifications/minute

Ah okay, so it was specifically the “Maak een notificatie” card that got rate limited. That’s a very strange “solution”, because if you happen to create a runaway “notification flow” that will trigger the rate limiter you won’t see any timeline messages for the rest of the day :grimacing:

You’re right, that’s what I meant.
It’s very odd that there’s no notification whatsoever about the error.
Now I’ll have to create a flow which sends a timeline notification about every other 15 mins or so, with the message "Timeline still accepts flow notifications":thinking:
That’s the world upside down, isn’t it?

I have to say this happened for the 1st time since last October

Because those are rate limited, of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To paraphrase: “rate limiting is a solution in search of a problem”. I don’t think any user has ever asked for this to be implemented, or “timeline overload” to be an actual problem. As it stands, it’s causing more issues than it seems to solve.

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Yup, like my battery meter in my car doesn’t show anything because the battery is dead.

As I wrote later on, it’s the first time in 9 months, it’s not a biggie.
And, usually I fill Papertrails with this kind of test data.

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I had this testing the triggers for my app. Had me go nuts looking in my code why my app suddenly didn’t work anymore until I realized the timeline just stopped showing notifications.

FYI, with 3 notifications within a second, the rate limited gets activated.
A flow sends the same notification to Timeline and CallMeBot Telegram and Signal. Timeline quits.

My issue is solved by removing some notifications that did come up a lot.



thanks for the help

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It is stil a problem

Thanks, exactly the knowledge I was looking for :star_struck:

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