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ThermoSmart - resume does not work

Searched the forum, checked the App page… no answers yet.

When I have Homey resume the ThermoSmart program (so, the programmed ThermoSmart week is used to set the target temperature) I see spinning in the corner, and it keeps spinning and spinning and spinning…


In the ThermoSmart webpage the temperature seems to be linked to the program, so resume is working… BUT the thermostat does not resume.!

It’s a bug in the app: an action handler should return a promise, and in the case of “Hervat ThermoSmart” (and also “Pauzeer ThermoSmart”), the handler doesn’t return anything.

I’ll write up an issue for it.

EDIT: here it is: https://github.com/athombv/homey/issues/2900

And here is mine https://github.com/athombv/homey/issues/2901

Thanks @robertklep !
Seems we were creating an issue simultaneously

10 minutes after Robert.
There is no need to create more issues about the very same problem.


Yes, correct. We were not aware of that, only once both finished creating the issue.
If you had quoted me correctly, that would have made sense.

This is not moderating, this is irritating.
Feel free to PM me.


Athom just released a beta ThermSmart App v3.0
It solved the resume/pauze issue for me.