Heating Schedule App

Homey is unfortunately missing a real Heating Planner so I was wondering if a dev was willing to tackle this issue?
Maybe some users would like to pull together with me and put out a bounty to reward that dev for their work?

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See Homey 2.0.0 Community App Compatibility List
and https://github.com/priknr1/priknr1.heatingschedule/tree/SDK2
Might be a good place to continue…


If you’re looking for inspiration on how it could work on a mobile app, ecobee have a great UX for that.


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yeah that looks nice

I have made a “heating controller” app, that can be used to easily switch between comfort and ECO modes, and set target temperatures.

Please take a look…



that looks very interessting at all. could someone explain how i use the github-apps with homey?
because i can’t easy install it like the homey-apps.

thank you very much! :slight_smile:

An explanation on how to install applications using the athom-cli

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Tried to install via CLI. Guess it is Homey firmware 2.0 only. Wouldn’t install on my f/w v1.5.3

Like the idea. Will try it once I have migrated to 2.0!

Yes, it’s only 2.0.

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In app store now:



that was fast!

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Can you share you’re setup like heating and thermostat.
And how this app will manage this ( like high over)

Currently my setup is a central heating system managed by the city ( stadsverwarming) and the deliver about 90 degrees hot water to the houses. From there it will be separated to the houses via heatingchanger ( warmtewisselaar) and all the heating panels in every room are controlled with their on thermostat buttons ( open/close valve)

In my case it’s the valve from danfoss/ popp and are zwave controlled and supported by homey.

Can I use this app to control the valves based on schedule date /time home and away ?

Do you use some input from temperature sensors ?

Can you share some screenprint from the setup and configuration screens ?

Many thanks in advanced
Best regards


I guess you were refering to the “HeatingController”, I just mentioned ?

If so, Yes, you can use the HeatingController to manage the Danfoss - valve.

Set the target temperature by using two flows. One for Comfort temperature, and one for ECO temperature.

See the Comfort and ECO flows here:

I made one, due to exactly that reason. “In store now:” https://apps.athom.com/app/app.mskg.homey-heating

More details and a quick look:



A reason to upgrade to v2 (after the Dutch winter)

Just opened my homey pro and preparing to switch from Fibaro HC2, seems like this is just the thing to replace my heating panel! will test and write feedback here :grin:

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“HC2, seems like this is just the thing to replace my heating panel”

Actually, no. It doesn’t support Central heating zone valves or boiler demand signal

Also, I’m struggling to understand if I can link the virtual thermostat to other devices, in my case I’ve been using fibaro motion sensor+fibaro wall plugs. can’t seem to get that to work.

I have a question about the Virtual Themostat, being a part of the Homey Heating Scheduler App (HHS).

I have configured HHS, and this works well. Thanks!

Next stage I have created VThermostats and added theses to my heating plans. They show up as a device, but I do not see the possibility to change the mode, as shown in this image and mentioned in the online manual:

I get this :slight_smile:

What am I doing wrong?

@Eternity You’re changing the “wrong device”. open the heating scheduler plan to change target temperature etc. in essence the VThermostat is just the virtual device that controls your heaters and heating scheduler duplicates the info in the VThermostat. this is why it would be nice to have hidden devices so that only the scheduler would show in the app list.

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