Homey Heating Scheduler - Easy access to Plans


I’ll start off by saying that I am trying to find a way to ensure my wife can easily change heating schedules… By easy I mean not having to go in to the Homey App, three dots, apps, Homey Heating Scheduler, configure app, click on plan then click on Schedule. Unless she sees something quickly or in a physical device with buttons I’ll just get a mouthful about how it’s supposed to be easier.

I’m looking at a node red dashboard, I just wondered if anyone knows a way if exposing these schedules in Node red or directly as devices in the Homey app? I’m not wedded to the Homey Heating Scheduler app but need the multi zone functionality. I could get away with the app if it just meant them appearing as devices she can edit directly.



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I don’t know Graham

Or make a flow for every plan, and trigger the flows by using a virtual button each

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That’s a different app. It’s limited in it’s appeal as it only works on working and non working hours. The Homey Heating Scheduler allows you to define periods per day of different temperatures as well as setting overrides. Its much more akin to having a 7 day programmable thermostat in every room. It’s perfect in every way except the process you have to go through to amend the schedules which isn’t particularly intuitive. I’m not sure if this is down to the design of the app or down to a limitation with the Homey interface.

They have equal names. So what did I miss :grimacing:



He he he my bad. Sorry. I confused myself.

Ok, so accessing it isn’t the issue, programming it is. The only way to amend the actual schedules is using the Homey App following the screen presses I mentioned at the top of the thread.

I have it working just fine, overriding plans when I want via flows but changing the automatic time schedules per zone is too laborious for my wife. She likes her ancient 7 day thermostat sitting the the hall where it is of no use to anyone. My hope was that I could find a way of directly accessing the schedules without all the button presses and wondered if anyone had managed it.

I do appreciate you taking the time to answer and I’m sorry for the confusion.


No problemo, Graham.
So if understand you right, all’s workable, but editing the schedules is not very practical.

How many times does the schedule have to be adjusted?
Can’t you just add extra (selectable) schedules, so your wife can just select/start those instead of editing an existing schedule.

Otherwise you have to make a feature request at the developer, so one can adjust the schedule using the advanced device settings

For that reason (easy interfering a planned schedule) I placed physical thermostats (Plugwise Lisa) in all my zones.