Heating Controller Vs. Heizungplaner / Heating Scheduler

Dear all,

After having migrated all my devices from homee to homey I now want to focus on the setup of my heating system. My heating is a Viessmann Vitodens and I was able to include it via Home Assistant, which works quite well. I have two differnt types of thermostats: 7 shelly TRV and some remaining EuroTronic Spirit (Z-Wave).

Homee had a very good feature: Heating plans, where you could assign thermostats to heating plans and connect them with window sensors.

In Homey there seem to be 2 apps that could offer these features.

Heating Controller

Homey Heizungsplaner / Heating Scheduler

Or maybe it‘s even another option that would be the best choise, e. g.

No app, Use variables and flows only.

Before I decide for one of these options….Has anybody already compared the 2 apps or the manual setup w/o app and can maybe share his/her experiences or pro‘s and con‘s of the two apps?

Thanks in advance!