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I agree with the others here who have voiced their opinion on releasing this new Homey without a migration path from the old one. I can’t fathom how you even thought that was a good idea if you want your existing customers to upgrade to the new Pro. People have LOTS of devices, and many are in locations that are pretty inaccessible, so to “start over” with re-pairing everything is clearly a no-go. And the same holds true for flows. Countless hours have been spent creating elaborate flows, and recreating all manually is just too painstaking.

The lack of support for apps on SDK2 is also really painful, even if I do understand that it is undesirable to support the old SDK indefinitely. Some work needs to go down to try to ease this problem.

Is there an easy way to get a list of apps on a Homey Pro that is using SDK2?

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Many users demand a migration. Only then they are willing to buy a new Homey Pro.
But is a complete migration including devices technically possible at all?
For some device groups (e.g. WiFi) it might be possible, but I don’t know of any Z-Wave gateway where the Z-Wave devices can be migrated without exclusion/inclusion. But I’m not an expert.

@Caseda, do you know if a migration of Z-Wave devices is technically possible?

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I just want to add my 2c around prioritising a migration path to upgrade, I have a bucket load of devices and going into the walls to reset the devices isnt really an option in Australia - as it requires an qualified electrician.

In regards to the AMA : As an subject matter expert I am interested in hearing your thoughts around Matter.

  1. What impact do you see this happening on the base number of devices which will be supported by homey.

  2. How much functionality do you think will be shared on the matter platform, can we expect platform agnostic provides to be fairly free with it? (ie. Fibaro, Hue)

  3. What about the platform providers, just how basic is the matter support for Amazon and Google devices going to be?

  4. Is there a plan to add local voice activation to Alexa via matter and if so which quarter?

  5. There was talk in the keynotes around being local, can we confirm that authentication/authorization will no longer require an active internet connection and the Homey can be ran off-grid?

  6. How will the Pro2 work when connected via both Ethernet and Wifi?

  7. What other matter based features are going to be possible?

  8. SDK2 has been deprecated for a while now, however there really hasn’t been a reason to upgrade it, I have several apps which need to be upgraded - and only 10 weeks to do it in (along with a full time job and a 6 week overseas trip). I understand there may be strong reasons for dropping support for sdk2 for Pro2, however is there any chance that this deadline will be extended (at least for Pro1) .


I need migration from my old homey to the new homey, otherwise upgrading makes no sense to me. It is way too much work.

So I fully agree that an easy upgrade wizard that transfers the complete state of the old homey to the new homey should be available at launch.

My main questions:

Do you plan to develop a tool that transfers old homeys current state to the new one?

If not, what can be transferred and what can’t?

When will the upgrade tool be available - I think you owe it to your customers to be clear about it from the start.

How many zigbee devices are supported?


Q: How many Zigbee devices will the new chip support?


I am no expert at all, but shouldn’t that be the same as restoring a backup from one Homey Pro to another? In terms of devices only, I mean.
I understand of course that the hardware that the Homey software runs on is different, so you can’t restore an actual Homey Pro backup to a Pro 2023.

Have done so before when my Homey Pro was broken and replaced for another. That worked flawlessly. Was very thankful I have a backup subscription then…! :slight_smile:


Q: Will the Google Chromecast app be made compatible in time?

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Only if Athom implements it in their own migration, we don’t have access directly to the Z-Wave chip’s memory.
The same for ZigBee.


But it work when buying a new Homey Pro (2019), you just do a restore of the backup.
Shouldn’t that be possible for Homey Pro (2023) or is the differens in HW (z-wave/zigbee chip) causing problem?

Currently it isn’t possible, though Athom did say that the amount of “complaints” did make them reconsider to implement a migration path.
So it might happen, but it might also not happen, maybe just a bit sooner after early access release then initially was planned.

As the software isn’t finished yet for Homey Pro (early 2023) either, it can also happen that issues might arrise because of that.

Might also just delay the release of Homey Pro (early 2023) if they do want to make the migration stable.

Q: will I be able to continu to develop my (verified partner) SDK3 apps on my Homey Early 2016 or does this require the new Homey Pro?

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[Vote] Feature App: Homesh: Connect 2023 to Old Homey for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource - Apps - Homey Community Forum

Because it will keep running badly, or at least, it will run much beter if every app is SDK3 and mostly: if SDK2 doesn’t need to be in the sourceode anymore, it’s much beter.
It otherwise leaves a mess.

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[Vote] Feature App: Homesh: Connect 2023 to Old Homey for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource - Apps - Homey Community Forum

Do you have a TV with browser you can send and URL to?

Or can you send a URL to speakers?

Or an URL to Alexa?

If so, use the Google Services App to create voice.
(You can use the Non-Cloud without setting up anything)

See [TUTORIAL] How to make a Great Public Announcement (P.A.) System with any device! - Tutorials - Homey Community Forum

While i do agree, this is not realistic in any way. They cannot change stuff like that or it might be 1 or 2 years later before the product sees the light of day.

I would have prefered to keep the led and speaker also, but these are the products that are gonna come (right now), so pick it or leave it is al we can do.

But i did find a sort of solution: [Vote] Feature App: Homesh: Connect 2023 to Old Homey for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource - Apps - Homey Community Forum

Already integrated Soundboard in the Homesh Apps:

@Marcel_Visser do you have a router with USB-stick or NAS or UPnP server?
You can use that to play the same sound-files on your speakers.
Universele Media Speler App voor Homey | Homey

  • What is the quality of the power supply for Homey Pro 2?
  • Number of Zigbee devices supported?
  • More detail on the SSH - what types of things can be done with it?

The price is very high… I like the homey bridge, yet :grinning:

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