[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list

What is Athom rethinking precisely?

The breaking change:

  • The /userdata directory is not available

Wait. Did I read that right? The .env data with app tokens will now be exposed? Ain’t that a massive security loophole and cause abuse of app tokens? Am confused…

A lot of Athom apps in the list in the not supported . Will they update them hopefully?

The app soundboard is more than only play a sound on the homey. You can also play the sound on Sonos. So really hope there will be a app like this.

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To keep this app working for (older) Homey Pro’s will make it that a new app will have to be written as the permission for speaker output is still needed there, currently not possible to work around this I believe.

Though installing apps won’t be possible from January 1st, that includes restoring backups.

So as of 1st januari 2023 my 2019 PRO won’t update anymore? And signing up for backup in the cloud is no use for those 3 month?

Athom claims that the current Pro still will be updated. But for how long nobody knows.

Security patches will be a thing for a while but to be fair they have supported this hardware since 2015 that’s 8 years of support

The extremely important app Image Poster is now upgraded with support for latest/coming devices.

Latest version: 2.0.0


That’s because it was the only hardware there was.

Where do you read that?
It is only about apps that still use SDKv2.

All Homeys will get updated still with new features etc (though that might cause you to not be able to use apps that haven’t been updated yet).
There has nothing been said when such an update will come for the older Homey Pros. (It will come, we just don’t know when)

It is just that you can’t install SDKv2 apps anymore from January on, as all apps using SDKv2 will not be available in the appstore.
Which is 80-90% of the list above if none get updated.

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If you have a Upnp server or NAS or something, you can use the Universal Music Player to do the same as soundboard (only from a USB stick or NAS).
[APP][Pro] Universal Media Player - A Generic storages place for your Homey, speakers, tv’s or other media devices - Apps - Homey Community Forum

Bob Kersten just transfered Chronograph to me.

This means it will be updated to SDK3 and maintained.

See [APP][Pro] Chronograph - Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey - #241 by Arie_J_Godschalk.


Really! That would be amasing! Really please keep that folder so we can fully migrate!
And keep that lovely customisation everyone seems to love!

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I was just thinking about the other day whether if I should try doing that myself.
I am an experienced software developer but have not tinkered with node.js (yet).
This was very great news.


There may be enough other apps that need a new developer and for you to tinker with node.js :wink:


Is it difficult then to put an app from sdk2 to sdk3?

Depends how good you are at node.js. :slight_smile: