The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

I’m keen on the benefits of the new device and have ordered, but I am concerned on your reliance on the motivation of the developing community and the efforts of your customers to rebuild from the ground up; Personally I have developed my configuration over a period of time and investment and won’t be pleased at being left with a blank that cost GBP400.

How are you going to address these two (very important areas IMHO) as there is a danger that the hardware gets a facelift but the overall solution takes a significant step backwards.

developer migration and migration support? An extended availability of legacy to overlap both products while the new is established?


Unless there is a way to migrate from current Homey Pro to the new one this is going to have to wait. TBH I’m assuming there is as to not have a way to migrate would be an enormous error


Q1. When have you plan for one working migration from old Homey pro to the new one? Since you did not give a clear message, I refrained from a pre-order! It’s to much work to reconnect all my zwave and Zigbee devices, many in the wall some ones just don’t pair that easily.


I’m also interested in having the option to backup and restore homey pro 2022’s setup through IP connection (WIFI or Ethernet) from a PC.
That would be a lot lot more convenient than through USB !
Are you planning such a thing ?


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You should prioritize migration from 2016-2019! It’s a No Go to start fresh with all devices from scratch… And again retyping all advanced flows? Realy? Good luck! If you have a Go for that, I will buy the new Pro and some hubs :slight_smile:


You should also remember that in the worst case scenario, many of your sensors and actuators may no longer work, as Athom is also discontinuing support for SDK2 apps on the old Homey. If the apps have not been updated by D-Day, you can only download them from GitHub and install them. A restore of such apps will then also no longer work.

The days of the sphere are numbered. Why can’t Athom let old Homey die with dignity and still have to actively euthanise him?

Hi @Emile, I would be interested in your opinion on my thoughts.

Forgot about that one. Agree @Undertaker !

So… a long way to go to make the switch then…mmm… :thinking:

Don’t be so dramatic :yum: SDKv2 apps won’t stop working on Homey Pro (Early 2019) or earlier. Even when restoring a backup they will be restored.


Now that SSH access is coming: will we finally also get access to decent (debug) logging on the 2023 model? Right now it’s pretty much impossible to do any troubleshooting ourselves, except for some trial & error by toggling apps and flows on/off.

And as also mentioned by others: how many devices will the new zigbee chip support? If that’s similar to Conbee II (500 devices), I hope to simplify my setup by taking Deconz out of the equation (separate docker on NAS + Unsupported Homey App) .


Q: Is it possible in satellite mode that you use your local network to extend the zwave and zigbee connection to other houses or garage in your garden

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  1. What was with the matching shoes with Steffan during the key note?
  2. There were some great status on how Pro 2022 signal strength compare to the 2019 Pro, which can further be extended by satalite bridges, however it sounds like its using a newer chips then the bridge - how does the Pro 2022 signal strength compare to the bridge. I ask so that I can place them properly.

You can use Google Services.

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I bought the homey pro for about one month ago. Is there any kind of upgrade system for lower prize if ordering the new version if, as in my case, the old version is bought recently?

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The zigbee signal is a bit stronger. But that wasn’t a big issue imho.

  • How many zigbee devices can Pro 23 handle? (sorry, it is asked alr, but I’m so curious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
  • How many zigbee devices can be paired directly, without router devices?
  • Will some brands work better together (f.i. the notorious Aqara sensors & IKEA lights combo)? A well known member stated this is not a problem combo with Conbee or Sonoff zigbee sticks

Will there be some error messages for:

  • Timeline rate-limit
  • Push notifications rate-limit
  • Starting a flow from another flow, and the to-start flow is disabled

No. PoE is all 44V+. Even if I had PoE at home, I wouldn’t want Homey to support it. Why? It’d be a more expensive design to cater to a very select few users.


Signal “strength” depends not only at the chip, but also at the antennas. So, from my side an add-on question: Is there possibility to easily add also custom antennas? As i remember, the old Homey’s had a RF connectors, but the new one nope - only a printed circuit antennas for different regions. Yes, it’s quite stupid to do conclusions based on slideware, because of that asking

Meant apps that are not (yet) available in the new PRO environment is also not an option to migrate… (off course dependant on which ones are not available)

I’m sure you are doing anything you can to make the migration as smooth as possible for us :wink:

I feel the same - I bought my homey pro 5 months ago - Reading about the Pro 23 I feel that I’ll probably keeping my Pro 2019 for another 6 months until all the apps I use work on it and it can easily migrated across

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The possibility certainly exists, even in very simple terms.
The Homey Bridge works as a satellite and repeater and can extend the range of the new Homey.
An antenna mod is no longer worthwhile, especially since you lose your warranty when you open Homey Pro.
Otherwise, you still have the option of equipping various Zigbee and Zwave repeaters with antennas. But you’ll also have to solder them.
Wait and see how good the range of the new Homey is. Maybe you don’t need to do anything.

Eeeeh, about repeaters and different co-located networks i know. But the question was just exactly about the connectors for externals.
Yes, i HOPE to, that there is no need to modify in such brutal way, but, i’m quite skeptic about the multi-printed-colocating antennas to :wink:
What’s about performance boosts, demonstrated on slideware, then… yep, nice to have 2 times stronger connection compared with 1…2m ( around such stable results got with Oregon weather sensors - yep, know, there is a possibility for “satellite”, and also used it with quite good FPV-telemetry antennas )
Warranty is not the biggest problem - here is more mods, ruining it anyway.