The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

I have a new Homey Pro 2023 on order as part of the advanced delivery program.
I jumped at it when the chance to buy was released during the announcment.

I have been watching the posts on the forum and all posts seem to be of a similar view.

For me if there is no way to migrate from my current device to the new Pro then i will cancel the order before the planned delivery date as i am not prepared to spend a long week reconnecting all my devices and rewriting all my flows. This sould have been priority one in the new design… make it easy to upgrade and more people will buy it…simple and basic business strategy.

Also a bit anoyed that the speaker is missing as i use it to notifiy me of many things going on in the house, from the front door bell, to the washing machine and fridge.

Coupled with that i use the LED ring to visualy report the status of the system and when something is wrong.

I am supprised that the LED and sound functions are removed from a mature product which will have many other users making use of these functions. I dont want to add extra speaker and lights to perfom the same functions as i currently do in one unit.

I would have happily paid a bit more to have these functions retained, and if there is no simple solution or alterinative, the Pro 2023 may still be canclled for that alone.



Why is Athom develop a new Homey Pro without asking the community users what they need in it? When I read the reactions here, most of them is about missing the Audio, LED ring and migrating to the 2023 device. In an earlier phase they did the same with NFC reader functionality.

Device will be more expensive, but maybe that’s a thing we are willing to pay for.

Community is discussing about creating work-arounds (2nd (dedicated) device), but this isn’t energy wise isn’t it?

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For the ethernet accessory , i wonder if it supports PoE ?

Is alr possible for Advanced flow.
Depending on Athom’s migration tool and it’s release date, a solution for standard flow migration is also possible.

Hi @Emile

Few questions from my side.

Q: Will the SSH experiment finally allow us to troubleshoot the device?
e.g. currently if something does not work i need to create a diagnostics report and share it with Athom etc. I’d like to see that myself

Q: When will homey natively support MQTT, it’s still odd some basic functionality is not supported out of the box

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Peter, are you saying it will support transfer of all Advanced Flows ?
This was not my understanding but maybe i have missed that notification.
Does it also transfer all the sensors then ? I fear not.


Yes. And just to be clear, NOT for standard flows (yet).

No, that’s something else.

Athom considers to prioritize the development of a migration tool, so maybe just wait for the release?


Thank you Peter for the clarification.


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What I would like to know is how the homey bridge as a satellite works.
Is it connected through wifi with the pro 2023? Completely local, So it will keep working if no internet?
When adding a device can you choose if it needs to connect to the satellite or the pro 2023?
If it just acts as a repeater, I don’t see the advantage.
If it really acts as an extra set of antennas, then it will be a good usable option…
Then I would consider buying a homey bridge and set it in satellite mode in the garage or something, where wifi is still working perfect, but zigbee and zwave isn’t…

So……how does it work?

Perhaps Athom will release a firmware that make it capable of localy connecting to a Homey Pro 2023.

Please don’t post assumptions as facts, let Athom answer the questions.


I’m free to write what I like, that is not up to you.
I didn’t make an assumption, I’m trusting
Robert’s knowledge, Danee.

But you’re right about Athom should answer this (I didn’t look at the subject when replying), so I deleted my reply

Oh yes, you’re absolutely free to write what you like, but have to take into consideration that information you post can start a live of their own.
You know very well you’ve been corrected for faulty/incomplete information in the past frequently.

And while I consider @robertklep as very knowledgeable, he’s no Athom employee and thus does not know what Athom has planned. Reposting personal opinions from others as facts is exactly why I ask you to let Athom answer the questions.

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Just to be clear: I’m not saying it’s impossible. In fact, since Homey Bridge is already sending local Zigbee/Z-Wave/BLE/RF data to a cloud server, it could just as well send that data to a local Homey Pro instead.

But it’s not very suitable as a device that should act as a go-between between LAN devices (usually speaking HTTP) and a cloud service (or Homey Pro) because it only supports a limited amount of concurrent TCP connections, and there are about as many LAN protocols as there are brands, making it difficult to create a generic solution.


But not sure how much Athom Cloud services it needs to connect to your Homey Pro (Early 2023)

BTW: It is still something they didn’t finish, maybe even not started yet. A Promise may not always resolve as expected :wink: { Promise.all () }

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Q A Migrate tool from previous Early 2019 to the new PRO i definitely a MUST as soon as possible?
I got loads of devices of all kinds but Z-Wave and ZigBee is most important to migrate over as i otherwise will have to dismatle my entire home to get to all devices :grimacing:
And Advanced flows ofcourse i got many “pretty advanced” advanced flows :grin:

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Q Will Settings finally be available in the WEB-app?


I just hope the satellite mode changes the functionality of the bridge.
Normal mode: it functions as a bridge between your local devices and “the cloud”
Satellite mode: it functions as a set of antennas that extend the range of the onboard antennas of the pro 2023 and communicates through wifi with the pro 2023. (Not using cloud-services)

I assume the bridge has all the hardware needed on board and with a rewrite of the firmware this should be possible.

But let Athom tell us what the idea of the satellite mode exactly is…

Both Zigbee and Z-Wave only support one controller per network, which would make the “set of antennas” idea not likely. It could act as a regular Zigbee/Z-Wave router device though, but you could also use a cheap LIDL or IKEA device for that.

As @robertklep says, it probably acts as a Homey Bridge connecting to your Local Homey Pro (Early 2023).
Transmitting based in Devices / Flows from your Homey Pro or from a Cloud-Homey.
Only in RF it could send out the same Signal. but the Developer should make it possible to choose between sending (IR or RF signals) from the Base Homey Pro or from one of the Homey “Satellite” Bridges.

Probably same for the Zigbee / Z-Wave devices but…

Would it be possible that you add MQTT protocol to Homey ??
That would be a really great improvement for metering data management !