Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Unboxing

Dear Community,

The homey has finally arrived after a long day of waiting (announced to arrive at 9am, arrived at 6pm). :tada:

Since I went for two and a half months without a Homey, I must admit that it was a long wait. (The old one broke)

Here is my unboxing of my Homey Pro 2023. It’s just pictures. :nerd_face:

the box from the outside. In a nice matt black with shiny highlights (the homey)
An informational graphic about the homey is located at the bottom. Homey Pro is written on two sides. One side has the Homey Logo on it. Information regarding the requirements, technologies, and contents of the box is provided on the last side.

After opening, a small booklet containing details about the home and setup instructions is present.

Finally! The new Homey Pro 2023 in all its glory! There is a little foil to protect it.

The power supply and the USB-C to USB-C cable to power the Homey Pro.
Power is provided at 5V and 2.1 Amps.

Finally, the Homey Pro 2023 is in its place for now :slight_smile: This is while waiting to start the setup.

I’d want to thank Athom and @Emile for granting us community developers early access.

Best regards :v:


Very nice to read, thx!
Please keep.sharing your experience with your shiney new toy!
Make us ordinary users want our new addiction even more …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Who are you calling an addict here?



Sure you wanna share this?
Now you not a HA anymore…
(Homey Anonymous)


Just a quick review after using the new pro for a few hours.

In case you forgot, the pro software and the app are still under development. Please understand that all the information shared right now is preliminary.

The most recent V7 Homey app

I appreciate the new look. Working well thus far. Only a dark mode is lacking for me, and there are some improvements to be made for the quality of life.

The Homey pro

It’s fast! App installation is extremely quick. In my opinion, it responds better than the previous one.

To my devices:

  • I own a few ZigBee products from Aqara, Ikea, and Hue. These are currently the biggest issues, but Athom is already on the case, or at least I hope there are. The main issue is connecting them to the homey; once connected, everything works fine for me.

  • My MQTT Tasmota devices are the other devices that cause me problems since the Tasmota MQTT app does not work correctly.
    MQTT Broker appears to be functional, and MQTT Client appears to be operational as well.
    We’ll see if the Tasmota app’s creator is still around.

  • Shelly devices are functioning normally.

  • Nuki Cloud is also working.

  • My VeSync app is fully functional.

  • My Telegram app is also working properly.

  • Insights Trends Reloaded requires some attention.

I’m looking forward to @Jamie’s lovely Alexa app :smiling_face: Homey to Alexa is working for me.
I also need to test some Bluetooth and Tuya cloud devices, which will take some time.

I’ll keep you updated


Best regards :v:


Hello lucky people with the new Homey pro early 2023. What I am very curious about, is it possible to install the deconz app via cli and use the conbee 2 stick with raspberry

Alexa update won’t be long, my pro arrives on Tuesday (fingers crossed) and I expect to have a working version out on the weekend (if not before)


Thx for the info, @spkesDE! Much appreciated!
Good to read you notice a change in responsiveness as well!

What do you mean by these improvements?

And as my smart home is mainly based on Zigbee devices; how was tour experience exactly?
Athom said you have to pair the devices again after migrating.
Did you restore from a backup? And was the only thing you had to do after (for Zigbee) was pair the devices again, as Athom said?

Like the navigation to the app settings, it has changed.
From More → Apps → App → App Settings
to More → Settings → App → App Settings

It’s just QoL, small things.

Since I didn’t have a backup, I started from 0, but I have the problem that the devices are not detected while pairing or get detected wrongly (“Unknown Zigbee device was added”). The cause could be that the app is not running smoothly or Homey Pro 2023 still has some software issues, but I’m not a Zigbee guru. I think it will work out quite nicly once the Software is polished

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Thx @spkesDE!

Hope that devs who did migrate from a backup can share their experiences with this? Especially the Zigbee part…?

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While I understand the anxiousness of getting information, please realise all information shared now is preliminary.

We as developers are reporting things we run into and Athom listens to us and is working on solutions for problems we run into. By the time Athom starts shipping batches to non-developers things may look very different.

In my opinion sharing certain information can lead to useless discussions and a wrong impression on what Homey Pro Early 2023 will actually be when mass delivery starts.

(This is not aimed at specific persons or things discussed here but as a general message in response to a sentiment I see on the forum these days. I just picked this topic to share my opinion on it.)


Thank you. I tried to make it clear that all software-related stuff is still work in progress :slight_smile:

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Of course I understand all information shared now is preliminary and should be considered as such.
Just very curious about experiences so far. It can only get better!

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I’m curious how fast it boots up… My current Homey Pro takes around 10-15 minutes before all apps are running. How about the 2023 version?


It really depends on how many devices and apps you have, but the HP2023 will be faster.


Guess you missed Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Unboxing - #11 by DaneedeKruyff

And btw there was already a screenshot

But beside the point about the missing alarm it is possible the layout or looks change before public release. If it changes I can update the screenshot.

Athom gets a lot of qualitative good feedback from the Early Access group of developers. Both for Mobile app, Homey Pro (Early 2023) as app development and is releasing new firmwares and app updates with fixes fast to the closed groups.

I hope this provides both best quality as speed so Athom can release asap to a bigger group or the public.


Did read both, was just curious how the hometab looks like.

In case you forgot, the pro software and the app are still under development. Please understand that all the information shared right now is preliminary. The app design may change, and it’s most likely not final!

Update on my devices

I managed to add the majority of my devices to the ZigBee network. I only have issues with one Hue E27 white BT lightbulb, one Ikea motion sensor, and one Aqara temperature sensor. But I’ll continue to try.

Edit: Aqara and Hue is now working. Left is the motion sensor

On the MQTT topic, it looks like there is a little problem in the software on Homey’s side. It’s been reported and will be worked on. I hope it will be resolved soon! :crossed_fingers:

Bluetooth still needs to be completed on Athom side.

Tuya cloud works like all other cloud devices.

For the nerds :nerd_face: SSH is working with homey@<your homey ip>


Top! Thanks!