Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Community Order Tracker

Hi community,

Are you as excited as I am to receive my new Homey Pro (Early 2023)? I hope so!

When ordering our new Homey Pro Athom gave most of us an estimate of when we could expect our new Homey to arrive (december 2022 for most of us). But because we don’t have a set shipping date, I thought it would be cool to create a community order tracker.

The goal of the order tracker is to give you, based on the submissions from the community, a feeling about when you could expect your order to be shipped.

Google Form to submit your latest order status:
Go to Google Form

Google Spreadsheet to track the latest data and check which orders have been shipped:
Go to Google Spreadsheet

Your order ID will not be shared publicly. It is the unique identifier that will be used to update the status about your order when you submit a new form. This will help the community track the latest order that have been shipped.

Thank you for helping! If you have any feedback, please let me know.



Your spreadsheet can be downloaded and the order id is then visible. :wink:


This will never be accurate either, as app developers will get some head start (they will receive them earlier then a regular user), completely taking the order, out of order.
Not to mention the amount of Cancelled orders (users that ordered the Pro several times, by “accident” because the store couldn’t handle it) is pretty big too.

And depending on the amount of devices send out in batches (Athom did receive more orders then they expected, as expected) there can be a large (weeks, or maybe even months?) timespan in between batches.


Thanks, I will fix this!

Update: This is fixed now :+1:

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Thanks for your feedback! I understand, I will add a function to select wether you’re an active developer for a Homey app or not. In the Google Spreadsheet I will be able to separate those two groups.

I know about the huge amount of cancelled orders. What this could fix is to get data about the invoice number, but is my guess accurate that you will only receive an invoice when you paid the due amount of your order?

I have a lot of non-paid orders in my account, but I don’t have a downloadable invoice for them.

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You can still refund after you paid.

There is no way to tell by order ID. I ordered mine last week, but will still get it quite early since developer early access.

Just for fun, I added my order to the list.

True. I hope it can give the community some kind of insights about which orders already have been shipped and if they can expect their order to get shipped soon or not.

We don’t know anything about how the shipping waves exactly will happen. Maybe everybody will receive a Track & Trace the same date, in that situation the sheet won’t be as interesting. Maybe we get shipping notifications over the course of a couple of days, then it will be more interesting.

Thank you for adding your order! Don’t forget to send a shipping update when it got shipped to you :slight_smile: :truck:

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Cool :slight_smile: But i expect the homey pro 2023 to be delayed because no FCC approval is done yet, and china is going crazy over corona right now :stuck_out_tongue:

The FCC test took 52days for the Homey Bridge. I think the Homey Pro takes also around the same time. (7-10 weeks). I really hope that we get our Homey Pro in December. I really miss my homey.


I was one of those who ordered, by error, 2 devises and payed!!! Did write the same day to Athom but no reimbursement until today :rage:

Did you write an e-mail or contacted them via support panel?
Usually there are quite quick with there support over the panel.

I had a refund a day after sending an email to support…

I asked Athom about my order:


Thank you for contacting our support!

It is currently still planned that we will deliver Homey Pro (Early 2023) in December.

In the unlikely event that there is still a change, you will be informed about this via an email on the email account provided with the order.

I hope this has answered your question to your satisfaction, so I’m closing your ticket now. If you need additional support, you can reopen your ticket by replying to this email.

Have a nice day and have fun with Homey!


Thanks for the update Wout!

Added mine. Would be interesting if we somehow knew which order number was the first one in, though.

Order Numbers are kind of irrelevant. Like my order number is quite high but I’ll get my pro quite early since I’m a community developer. Also there are refunds, duplicate orders, etc.

Dd they mention that they will update us on early Dec about our orders… or not?

Posted on the 1.12.2022 on the homey slack. WeeJeWel is the CEO? of Athom.

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A little update. So maybe we can interpret that the production is ready to run or already is running.

Edit - New Informations!

Looks like it we get an update tomorrow :slight_smile:


there is the update :slight_smile:

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