Homey Pro 2023 delivery

Any news on when the 2023 will be shipped? Ordered same day as revealed

They said in the vid something similar to “they hope and very much expect the shipping to start medio december '22”.
I think this was left out: “but, januari/februari '23 is more realistic.”
The worldwide chip shortage is (also) an issue here.

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The support told me, they are still hoping to ship the first units in December before Chrismas. Only when you’re ordering now you will get the pro in January.

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That’s what I wrote. But hoping is is the same as expecting or assuming. Let’s hope the manufacturer is able to deliver this december for the early birds and certain developers.

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If you want to know roughly when the first Homey Pros will be shipped, follow this thread.
But please note that only a few users have registered so far. So it is quite possible that the first units have been shipped earlier.

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From Homey channel at Slack (not very helpful, but…), there will be a mailing Soon™ :wink:

Screenshot from 2022-12-01 19-06-05

So there has not been any official update on the shipping dates? Yes, I also heard December on the announcement, but isn’t an update due?:blush:

my goat, read the screenshot above your post. :see_no_evil: “Weejewel” is sort of the big Athom boss y’know…

Sorry, my bad :cowboy_hat_face::blush:

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Nu weer uitgestelde leveringen februari?
Ik gok dat ik hem rond juni pas heb.
Eerst flink promoten en daarna pas eens gaan denken wanneer kunnen we hem leveren…pffff

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But I’m kind of curious where you read February, the last official statement they definitely said mid January because of an unexpected issue they found with the USB-C connector, so they had to delay the production two weeks, but perhaps still maybe be able to send 50 or so in December to developers.
Their “promotion” also said, with fingers literally crossed in the AMA, at the end of December, so that you thought of it being definitely December is just a wrong thought process.


Soon mid February, any news on the delivery date that I have missed?

Check out the latest blog entry


We still expect to fulfil the first thousands of orders at the end of February. :crossed_fingers:t2: