Do I have a Homey or Homey Pro?


I bought a Homey Pro from ebay, it turned up today in a Homey Pro box. I set it up, in the app everything is VERY slow. I went onto the Homey info in settings and it shows as Homey (Early 2018) with 511.9mb of RAM.

Is the app wrong or have I been scammed?



Homey Pro, 2x 1GHz, 1GB RAM

I’m sorry. 512MB is a non-pro. A pro has 1024MB RAM.

It’s odd that it is not clearly visible from the outside what type it is.
On the other hand:
I’ve seen pix of a Homey pro which had a “Homey Pro” print on the bottom, between the three ‘feet’. I don’t know if all pro’s are marked the same way.

Yeah I thought as much. It has an Amazon Warehouse sticker on it that’s covered up. Either they upgraded and thought they would scam me or someone bought the Pro from Amazon and then returned it with their old unit and this guy bought to resell on ebay and didn’t check.

Either way I’m landed with it until I get a refund.

Is the Pro as slow as the normal one? I’m not sure I want it if so…
Are they going to bring out a better specced model?



I had the same thing when I bought an open box deal. There is little or nothing visible on the device to show what version it actually is until you look in the settings. In my case the shop was really supportive to correct the situation. On ebay you’re not well protected afaik.

As for speed, the pro has twice the cores and memory. But there’s more factors that could make things very slow besides hardware. My first suspect would be a slow wifi 2.4G connection. If you yourself only use 5G you would probably not notice. Could be too many neigbors on the same channel, other devices causing interference (some wireless security systems are notorious) or a dead corner in. the house because of walls and such.

Thanks Edwin, actually I left it for an hour and made some tea and it seems much more responsive now. Guess it was running something in the background that made it sluggish.

WiFi is fine, I’m in IT - it’s Ubiquiti’s Amplifi system and it’s all of 2m away. Can’t see any interference of note.

I paid using Paypal so have messaged the ebay seller to tell them to refund and collect, if they refuse I’ll open a dispute, paypal often side with the buyer.


Yeh, that’s why I always use paypal for these kind of used prodcuts. Paypal is really good with this. Good luck! Too bad your first experience is being scamed :frowning:

Well, I have one on order from Vesternet now so it should arrive by tomorrow! Then I have to try to start getting my eclectic mix of devices to talk.

Bij een Homey pro staat het op de onderkant dat je een pro versie hebt

Homey from Kickstarter! :beer:

I have an early 2018 and it’s not slow at all.
It really depends on how many apps (memory) you use.
So i don’t know what you paid for it but a early 2018 model is not by definition a bad thing.

You even have a NFC chip that later models don’t have, if that aint a pro feature ;D